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Kensington invented laptop security.  More organisations entrust Kensington to protect their laptops than any other brand of ‘Kensington’ compatible locks.  Kensington locks are engineered to deliver both protection and ease of use. 

Our locks have been tested to set the industry standard and constructed from quality aircraft grade steel.  A Kensington compatible lock isn’t a Kensington lock.  Be sure to specify Kensington to protect your business.

ClickSafe® Locks

A Simpler, Safer & Smarter Investment

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ClickSafe® Locks

Designed to be the strongest and easiest-to-use lock available without compromising security. A keyless locking motion makes protecting your business easy. Just ‘click’ it on and your business is safe.

Master Access Customised Lock Solutions

Master Access Customised Lock Solutions

Our Custom Keyed Solutions and Master Coded locks provide exactly the level of control over your IT equipment that you want whilst helping employees safeguard against internal theft and reduce downtime caused by misplaced keys and forgotten combination codes.

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