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Pro Fit™ Mice & Keyboard Range

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Long days in crowded office environments place unique demands on both you and your computer peripherals. The Kensington Pro Fit™ collection of products provides the comfort you need to keep going and the reliability to survive drops, spills and years of hard use. What’s more, their simple design with just the right features means there’s no learning curve to get in the way of productivity.

Designed specifically for the business professional the Pro Fit™ range is the perfect step up from entry level input devices. The Pro Fit™ range delivers performance and comfort that business users require, day after day, without any fuss.

Smart specification decisions such as 2.4GHz interference free wireless connectivity, plug and play, drop proof, spill proof and different sizes of mice to suit larger and smaller hands help the Pro Fit™ range to deliver what businesses demand. Reliability, performance and ultimately Profit!

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