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When you stop to think about all of the personal information you have on your iPhone®, you can see that its loss would be a major headache. Protect your iPhone 4/4S from loss, theft and even scratches and drops while also adding hours of power with the Kensington PowerGuard™ with BungeeAir™. Simply insert your iPhone into the ruggedized case, download the free BungeeAir App and attach the fob to your keys or purse. If you and your iPhone are ever separated, the iPhone screen will lock automatically and send an alert to the fob. The convenient BungeeAir App offers user customizable alarm profiles to customize your security settings. We’ve also enhanced the rapid loss alert to improve loss sensitivity.

The ruggedized PowerGuard integrated battery case adds up to 4 hours of talk time to your iPhone while also providing impact protection from bumps and scratches. Tired of misplacing your keys or phone? You’re going to love PowerGuard with BungeeAir. Just use your iPhone to easily locate your keys or use the fob to find your iPhone in seconds.

So give yourself hours of power and the peace of mind of knowing that your iPhone is protected from loss or theft with the Kensington PowerGuard with BungeeAir.

  • Portable PowerGuard fob attaches to your keys or handbag
  • Free BungeeAir App with simplified alarm settings puts you in control of Wireless Security Tether™ functionality
  • Integrated battery case adds 4 hours of talk time to your iPhone
  • Case has a built-in card slot to hold your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode (card not included)
  • Ruggedized case resists scratching and protects your iPhone
  • Works with iPhone 4/4S
  • iPhone and card stand not included
  • Wireless technology: 2.4 GHz
  • Battery chemistry: Lithium Polymer
  • Input/Output: 5 VDC at 0.5 A
  • UPC: 5028252336239
PowerGuard™ & BungeeAir™ Battery Case & Find-My-Phone Fob
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