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Security Cases for iPhone

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BungeeAir™– Wireless Security Tether™ & Protection for iPhones

BungeeAir™ is based on extremely power efficient wireless technology that instantly creates a connection between your phone and a compact key fob to create a security tether keeping your phone and fob aware of each other’s location.  This tether is intended to remind you if ever leave your phone behind, before it can get out of your sight. A convenient companion app lets you customize the security settings, and with the added feature that it can help you find your fob and attached misplaced keys.

BungeeAir™ Výhody:

PŘIPOMÍNKA: Upozorní vás, že jste ztratili telefon

ZABEZPEČENÍ: Uzamkne telefon a automaticky se odešle výstraha

HLEDÁNÍ: Pomůže vám najít ztracený telefon či přívěsek na klíče BungeeAir