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Because every day should be Earth Day.

Reducing our environmental impact through sustainable and responsible practices.


What an amazing green Earth we have to call home. And as we embrace its beauty, we must also think about how to preserve and keep it green.

We want our planet – and the one we leave for future generations – to be as free from waste and environmental damage as possible. So we asked ourselves what we can do to help. How can we reduce our global environmental impact?

For Kensington, this is an ongoing effort, where every aspect of our business is examined through the lens of sustainability. We’re dedicated to continuously finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint and one of our first (and most noticeable) areas of focus is packaging.


Thinking outside the box. And rethinking the box itself.

The fact is, too often the box isn’t a box, but rather hard plastic that can’t be re-used and ends up in landfill. And then consider that every year, about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations*.

So we set out to find a way to package our products more sustainably, while keeping them protected during shipping. And we didn’t stop there. We want to make the shipping itself more sustainable. For example, lighter, less bulky, yet strong materials mean more efficient pallet configurations, making shipping more efficient and saving on the amount of fuel necessary for transport.

Our sustainable packaging is also easy to open. No more frustrating (and sometimes dangerous) plastic blister packs and boxes.


Hitting the mark on sustainability with our new line of eco-friendly packaging.



For our business customers, our brown box approach keeps packaging clean, simple and easy to break down.

Redesigned retail packaging is easy to read, open and recycle.


99% recyclable package (we’re working hard to get to 100%)


Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) certified packaging 


Water-based varnish, plant-based soy ink and matte oils


Chlorine-free paper

A blistering impact on the environment.

Every year, packaging alone accounts for tonnes of non-recyclable waste. All too often, the plastic and other materials used are not fully recyclable. Switching to earth-friendly plant-based recyclable packaging across our entire product range will help to reduce this waste. The shift from using plastics in packaging to renewable plant-based materials has seen exciting innovations in recent years. These include mushroom, bamboo, soy and corn-based materials, some of which can be custom grown on-site and even be tailored to fit a specific product.


Thinking inside the box.

Whilst packaging accounts for a great deal of waste, we also know that what's inside the package can have an impact on the environment. With this in mind, we're working hard to develop products to help reduce that impact, including products made from recycled and renewable materials such as water bottles.

Collage of people being environmentally friendly

Room to grow

We’re exploring every sustainable packaging and product option currently available to us, and it doesn't stop there. We're also exploring more environmentally friendly supply chain, production, and transportation options, so that we can fully do our part to help leave a verdant, healthy planet for future generations.



Follow our sustainability efforts.

Join us as we work to achieve our goal of 99% recyclable packaging across our entire product line by the end of 2023 and expand our sustainability focus to include more products.

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