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Control the air around you

Enjoy the ergonomic benefit of a perfectly placed monitor with the health benefits of your own private environment control system with the Kensington WellView Monitor Stand System.

Personal desktop solutions

Clean air & climate control

Clean air & climate control

Interchangeable personal fan, heater and air purifier

Posture perfect

Posture perfect

Elevates your monitor to it’s optimal viewing height helping promote/maintain a healthy posture.

Space-saving design

Space-saving design

Stylish steel base supports monitors and all-in-one PC’s up to nearly 70cm (27")


11% increase in productivity as a result of increased fresh air and reduced pollutants.

Source: World Green Building Council


Temperature & air quality matter 4X more to employees than having gym facilities on site.

Source: Future Workplace Wellness Study


Only 33% of employees say the temperature in their office is ideal for them. 

Source: Future Workplace Wellness Study

The WellView™ Family


FreshView™ Wellness Monitor Stand with Air Purifier

No. K55460WW

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CoolView™ Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan

No. K55855WW

View Product


WarmView™ Wellness Monitor Stand with Ceramic Heater

No. K55464NA

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FreshView™ Air Purifier

No. K55462WW

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FreshView™ Air Purifier Filter Replacement

No. K55463WW

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WarmView™ Heater

No. K55465NA

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Why WellView™ Climate Control?

Improving the comfort of each employee within their personal workspace is an important part of improving overall wellness and happiness in the office. That’s why ergonomics is such an incredible field; its fundamental aim is to improve the comfort of all (as well as safety, productivity and accuracy) – by retrofitting and designing workstations and environments accordingly. And an element of our environmental comfort that is oddly overlooked? Temperature.

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