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Beheer de lucht om u heen.

Benut de ergonomische voordelen van een perfect geplaatste monitor en de gezondheidsvoordelen van uw eigen omgevingsbeheersysteem met het Kensington WellView Monitorstandaardsysteem.

Persoonlijke desktop-oplossingen

Schone lucht en klimaatbeheer

Schone lucht en klimaatbeheer

Verwisselbare persoonlijke ventilator, verwarming en luchtreiniger
De perfecte houding

De perfecte houding

Verhoogt uw monitor tot de optimale kijkhoogte voor (het behouden van) een gezonde houding.
Ruimtebesparend design

Ruimtebesparend design

Stijlvolle stalen basis ondersteunt monitors en all-in-one-pc's tot 27 inch.


11% verhoging van productiviteit als resultaat van frissere lucht en minder verontreiniging

Source: World Green Building Council


De temperatuur en luchtkwaliteit zijn 4x zo belangrijk voor medewerkers als sportfaciliteiten op kantoor.

Source: Future Workplace Wellness Study


Slechts 33% van de medewerkers zegt dat de temperatuur op kantoor optimaal is.

Source: Future Workplace Wellness Study

De WellView™ Familie


FreshView™ Wellness Monitorstandaard met luchtreiniger

No. K55460EU

Product weergeven


CoolView™ Wellness Monitorstandaard met bureauventilator

No. K55855EU

Product weergeven


WarmView™ Wellness Monitorstandaard met keramische verwarmer

No. K55464EU

Product weergeven


FreshView™ Luchtreiniger

No. K55462EU

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Vervangende filter voor FreshView™ Luchtreiniger

No. K55463EU

Product weergeven


WarmView™ Verwarming

No. K55465EU

Product weergeven

Waarom WellView™ Klimaatbeheersing?

Het verhogen van het comfort van elke werknemer binnen zijn of haar persoonlijke werkruimte is een belangrijk onderdeel van het verbeteren van het algemene welbevinden en geluk op kantoor. Daarom is ergonomie zo'n fantastisch fenomeen: het fundamentele doel is het verhogen van het comfort van iedereen (en daarnaast veiligheid, productiviteit en nauwkeurigheid) door werkstations en omgevingen op basis daarvan opnieuw in te richten. Weet u welk element van het welbevinden in onze omgeving vaak wordt vergeten? De temperatuur, vreemd genoeg.

Top 10 Reasons Why Environmental Comfort is Important

  • 1. Productivity
  • 2. Physical Comfort
  • 3. Allergies, asthma, and sickness overall
  • 4. Absenteeism
  • 5. Well-being
  • 6. Mental health, stress, and burnout
  • 7. Creativity
  • 8. Employee morale
  • 9. Eye Care
  • 10. Competitive Advantage
1. Productivity Chevron Icon

An optimal working environment supports an optimal workflow — or productivity. Let’s take a look at air quality, for instance. The research proving a link between office air quality and cognitive functioning is overwhelming. A recent study finds that cognitive scores are 61% higher in offices with fresh, well-circulated air. Thermal comfort also unlocks this productivity benefit. When the office temperature is raised to the ideal range, accuracy can be expected to improve by 44%. While output can be expected to increase by an incredible 150%. People overwhelming self-report that the temperature in their workspace affects their ability to concentrate.

2. Physical Comfort Chevron Icon

The link between environmental and physical comfort is strong across numerous elements. Consider that optimizing the office lighting (an environmental component of work ergonomics) is shown to improve morale but will also reduce eye fatigue (a physical benefit). Or that removing odors in the air (an environmental component) contributes to a stronger sense of well-being but also prevents nausea and other ultimately physical ailments caused by indoor air pollutants.

3. Allergies, asthma, and sickness overall Chevron Icon

High-quality air is key to health and well-being in the workplace. For those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other illnesses, the air at work is essentially the ‘tonic’ or the ‘toxic’ they are inhaling each day. For this reason, taking proper measures to clean and circulate the office air protects all employee health. It’s valuable to note that poor indoor air quality is also the primary cause of Sick Building Syndrome; conversely, investing in the air quality is a long-term investment in the health of the workforce.

4. Absenteeism Chevron Icon

Workers that are healthy — physically, mentally, and emotionally — take less sick days. In fact, employees in offices with better daylight take an average of 6.5% fewer sick days than those in offices with a poor quality of light.

5. Well-being Chevron Icon

Though one can certainly testify from their own experience, leading research proves a strong connection between job performance and well-being at work. When our office environment is free of environmental stressors (uncomfortable temperature, noisy space, odor-filled air…), we are more motivated, more energized, and more focused. These benefits indirectly improve our sense of well-being.

6. Mental health, stress, and burnout Chevron Icon

Look at it from a practical standpoint. Employees with ergonomic equipment, fresh air, and the ideal temperature range perform at their best. They can more easily unplug at the end of the day’s work. And unplugging is critical for avoiding burnout. Here we see how productivity, work satisfaction, and mental health feed into one another naturally.

7. Creativity Chevron Icon

The office environment can stimulate or stymie creativity. Research published in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries highlights the importance of designing the office to support creativity. How, exactly? Through biophilic design, ideal lighting conditions, and thoughtfully-chosen colors, for instance. This, to catalyze your team’s creative potential.

8. Employee morale Chevron Icon

Employees with control over the environment of their workspace have control over the factors that directly affect their ability to concentrate, find comfort at the desk, and produce at their highest level. This agency enhances morale. Moreover, people with the agency over their working environment are less likely to experience workplace burnout.

9. Eye Care Chevron Icon

Improving the office space’s lighting not only benefits mental health and well-being but prevents Computer Vision Syndrome: a catch-all phrase used to describe eye-related injuries caused by prolonged computer use. Using protective tools such as privacy screens can also aid in this arena by reducing glare and blocking computer blue light. Otherwise, excessive blue light can inhibit melatonin production. Consequently, privacy screens contribute to a greater quality of sleep, helping prevent burnout.

10. Competitive Advantage Chevron Icon

As we broaden our focus on office ergonomics to include the quality of the working environment, it’s important to take preferences into consideration. We all have a different idea of what the ideal workstation looks and feels like. That’s why our team considers it critical to give employees total control over the environmental aspects of their personal workspace. And equipment such as desktop space heaters and air purifiers are an economical way to afford this control. If your aim is to improve the comfort, productivity, health, and well-being of each member of your team, giving them the tools they need to achieve personal comfort at their desk is a surefire way to reach it.

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