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January 28 ~ Data Protection Day

  • January 28, 2017
  • Topics: Locks

Data Protection Day

Data Protection Day is celebrated by the Council of Europe every January 28. Globally it is known as Privacy Day, but today we highlight our Europe team’s choice in security that helps pioneer Data Protection Day. One of the most common causes of data theft is caused by device theft. How are you keeping your devices safe and in your office space?

ClickSafe Locks

Kensington has a solution! The Professionals’ Choice has designed the ClickSafe locks for ease of use and higher employee compliance. The ClickSafe Anchor is mounted into the Kensington Security Slot. The ClickSafe anchor is also available in various screw-in designs, enabling the anchor to be built into any device or surface. With its symmetrical round form, it can be positioned anywhere on the device without concern for correct alignment. Providing simple, one-click security, the anchor is compatible with our ClickSafe locks.

Corporate Compliance made easy! Clicksafes unique keyless locking allows users and IT managers to secure hardware without keys, so users grabbing that cup of coffee in the morning while their system boots up can lock their system without needing their key, IT managers can secure any user systems that they see unlocked while moving through the office.

Kensington’s Register and Retrieve™ lock registration suite empowers administrators to manage their lock programs and ensure staff benefit from Kensington support services without needing to contact their administrator. It’s simpler for the administrator as it provides a single portal for the management of all locks, safer for the user as they are provided with their own unique account and smarter for an organization that wants to ensure its assets are recorded and available following personnel change.