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Top 3 Future-Proof Solutions for Your Devices

  • June 29, 2021
  • Topics: Locks

Laptop on desk using NanoSaver lock

The top 3 Future-Proof Solutions For Your Devices are:

  1. NanoSaver® Combination Laptop Lock
  2. Universal 3-in-1 Keyed and Combination Lock 
  3. Kensington’s Other Universal Solutions for Devices Without Security Slot

Devices are getting thinner and thinner. This trend is fueled by a desire for mobile technology that users can take with them to do work everywhere they go, without having bulky electronics weighing them down.

To keep up with this pace of innovation, electronic vendors are transitioning to streamlined designs. These smaller devices mean smaller ports. If you want to lock your mobile device, the new thinner models will require adapting your device's physical security.

Because (especially) in the digital ecosystem, people need to secure more than just the devices themselves. 

When you lose your tablet or laptop, the risk of exposure to passwords, digital currency, and other personal information stored in devices is high.

That’s why Kensington has prepared for the future of mobile device design and developed a patented, award-winning technology that allows for the security of any device. This includes devices such as routers, VOIP phones, monitors, laptops, tablets, docking stations, and many other devices that can be physically secured to protect your most valuable asset – data!

Futureproof Security: Kensington Security Slot Patents

Kensington has taken note of the changes in security and developed patented solutions that evolve with the times. With around 90% of computers containing security slots, Kensington saw the need for a solution that would make it easier for you to secure your property. 

That is why we designed the patented Kensington Security Slot™ - also known as the K-Slot, compatible with T-bar™ security cables. This anti-theft system was created to withstand the test of time. This is true not only about its durability but also with its sleek design, allowing the security slots to fit a wide range of devices. In addition to laptops, this includes monitors, docking stations, VOIP phones, modems, and routers, to name a few. 

Kensington’s Top 3 Future-Proof Solutions

Kensington’s security options go beyond the patented security slot design. The line of locking devices was developed to ensure your mobile device's physical security. From keyed options to combinations, you have choices when it comes to these locking solutions.    

1. NanoSaver® Combination Laptop Lock

Kensington's NanoSaver® Combination Laptop Lock features a tough lock head with Cleat™ Locking Technology attached to their Nano Security Slot, found in the ultra-thin designs of the latest mobile devices. With today’s slim laptops, a typical cable lock head might be too thick, unevenly raising the device off its surface. The Slim NanoSaver® Combination Laptop Lock is the strongest keyless locking solution that allows ultra-thin and 2-in-1 laptops with nano lock slots to lie flat and stable. The NanoSaver® lock head won’t raise your device off its surface, allowing it to lie flat and stable

With uncompromised security, this 4-wheel number combination lock means there are 10,000 possible combination options. The cable is cut-resistant and can be anchored to any desk or table. This locking solution has been verified and tested for the leading standards in torque/pull and lock technology. If you forget your combination, Kensington's Register & Retrieve™ program enables you to locate forgotten codes.

2. Universal 3-in-1 Keyed and Combination Lock 

For a future-proof security solution, Kensington developed their Universal 3-in-1 Keyed and Combination Lock. It features "One Lock for Any Slot" that fits standard, wedge-shaped, or nano laptop security slots. No matter what the brand, model, or generation, this future-proof locking solution offers interchangeable locking tips to fit any device, helping to future-proof your locking solution.

3. Kensington’s Other Universal Solutions for Devices Without Security Slot

Kensington also features an extensive range of physical security solutions for your laptops and other mobile devices. Engineered for systems that do not offer built-in security slots, Kensington's laptop locking stations safeguard from theft. It provides protection for ultra-thin laptops with no security slot, such as MacBook®, Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo devices.

Things to Consider when Shopping for Locking Solutions

The first thing to ask yourself, when you are considering what type of locking solution to get, is where are you going to be working? Remote staffers working in a coffee shop and hybrid workers who have to go into the office a few days a week may have different device security needs. Likewise, someone who manages a retail space will want to secure devices that could easily be swiped in a crowd, yet the locking product they need may have different requirements. 

The next thing you will want to consider is your anchor point. Ensure that it is something that would require superhuman efforts to move. Usually, the leg of a table or an enclosed loop works the best. However, you can buy an anchor to adhere to your workstation if the desk or table you are working on does not have a convenient place to secure your locking cable.  

The last thing to ask yourself is, what type of lock do you need? If your laptop is one of the 95% of devices with the Kensington Security Slot built into it, you have options. You can choose from any number of lock brands that will fit the slot. 

Kensington’s Patented Solution Secures the Future of Locking

Every lock from Kensington is engineered to precise specifications and made of aircraft-grade carbon steel. They are built to last, no matter what you do or how you need to secure your device.  

Here at Kensington, we have been providing locking solutions for over 25 years. We know a thing or two about physical security. We are here to deliver locking solutions that are future-proof, no matter how small technology gets!

We are the number one brand in electronic device locking. Our solutions are durable, dependable, and easy to use. Kensington will assist you in choosing the best product for your workstation. That way, you can relax knowing that your devices, along with your personal data, are secure.  

To learn more about what Kensington offers in the latest physical security products, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly and helpful professionals.