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Kensington UltraThin Privacy Screens Protect MacBook Users Against Visual Hacking

  • August 05, 2020

Kensington Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro

New Privacy Screens Attach Magnetically to the Laptop Frame to Limit Viewing Angles and Protect Monitor Screen from Scratches and Damage

SAN MATEO, Calif. August 5, 2020Kensington®, the worldwide leader of desktop computing and mobility solutions for IT, business, and home office professionals and The Professionals’ Choice, today announced the availability of the new UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screens for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The new privacy screens, which work with MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, help protect against the loss of data from visual hacking - the observation and theft of information displayed on a computer screen.

“There are a wide variety of hardware and software solutions on the market designed to reduce the threat of cyberattacks, but visual hacking is a serious vulnerability that often goes overlooked. Fortunately, it is a vulnerability that can be easily reduced through the use of a privacy screen,” explained Philip Gutierrez, Senior Regional Product Manager at Kensington. “Narrowing the field of vision can significantly reduce the chance of a visual data breach, providing users with confidence and increased productivity while working in public areas or even on public transportation. Our line of UltraThin privacy screens provide protection from prying eyes without detracting from the sleek design and function of the MacBook.”

Features and benefits of the Kensington UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screens include:

  • Seamless magnetic integration – Easily and cleanly attaches to the laptop frame using magnets. This avoids the need to use potentially damaging adhesives and eliminates a lengthy and messy installation process. The UltraThin Privacy Screen helps keep the laptop closed so it can enter – and stay in – sleep mode.
  • Limited viewing angle – Narrows the field of vision to +/- 30 degrees, helping users keep the information on the screen private and reduces the chances of a visual data breach in the office or in a public setting. The UltraThin Privacy Screen helps protect personal or confidential information from being viewed from the side.
  • Blue light reduction – Filters out harmful blue light rays by up to 22 percent reducing the exposure to blue light. This can help users reduce eye strain and avoid headaches.
  • Low reflective coating – Reduces glare from outside light sources for improved viewing clarity.
  • Screen protection – Protects the MacBook screen from scratches and damage.


The Kensington UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screens for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are covered by a two-year limited warranty and are available through Apple.

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