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5 Tips for Setting Up at Co-Working Spaces Like WeWork

Several people working at seperate computer desk stations

Workers today are no longer confined to a normal cubicle in an office- the walls have come down!

More and more offices are offering benefits like working from home, or working in swanky rental offices- like a nearby WeWork location to a remote worker, a Regus office, or ImpactHub locations that can be found around the world.

Freelancers and small businesses are also choosing to work in these environments due to the flexibility, the amenities (many times more than free coffee!) and the community atmosphere it provides. What’s often forgotten in these environments though is good ergonomics and personalized desktop comfort.

To get the ideal ergonomic set-up in flexible co-working workspaces like WeWork, make sure to consider these 5 easy tips for setting up your workspace on the go:

  1. Use an external mouse. First and foremost, use a mouse instead of the touchpad all day on your laptop. Your fingers will thank you for it! Using a compact ergonomic mouse like Kensington’s ProFit Vertical Mouse allows for the ideal vertical handshake position and eliminating deviation in the wrist while clicking away all day.
  2. Raise your laptop to eye level. Using a portable laptop riser like Kensington’s Easy Riser Go. This riser with patented SmartFit technology is a great way to get your laptop at eye level, reducing neck fatigue and shoulder tension and taking up minimal space in your backpack.  
  3. Speaking of bags, make sure to use a backpack that fits you well and provides a lightweight design and sufficient space for your co-working needs. Kensington’s Contour 2.0 Backpacks hug your body with their curved ergonomic shape and have space to fit that extra mouse, laptop riser and the last vital piece, an external keyboard all in a lightweight design and come in multiple sizes to fit different laptop size needs.
  4. Once your laptop is elevated on the laptop riser, it will be too steeply angled to type on and you will need an external keyboard for that optimal ergo on the go set-up. A practical option is the nice slim keyboard like Kensington’s slim type wireless keyboard which is a durable keyboard to take along with you in your backpack to complete your set-up on the go and not compromising comfort or space.
  5. And lastly, make sure to take the time to get comfortable with your set-up and take frequent breaks throughout your workday and use the amenities that WeWork, Regus or even Starbucks has to offer. These amenities, along with the personalized desktop comfort in these spaces will help you achieve the ultimate co-working space lifestyle.

Teenagers working at computer desk stations while an adult watches

After following these 5 simple tips to success in working in a co-working flexible space, you are well on your way to workplace wellness success. All your co-workers will be looking at you and wondering where they can get this comfortable set-up you have that still fits in your backpack and is so easy to set-up. You can share with them your secret of Kensington’s great line-up of on the go, compact and portable products that help you achieve optimal desktop comfort- no matter if you’re sitting in the same spot or have a new view each day.