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Kensington Firmware Upgrade Tool (Version 1A.18.13.01)

Kensington P/N: K97620WW BlackBelt™ Rugged Case with CAC Reader 
Issue Statement:  

  1. If you are experiencing general video or power pass-through issues with the ports on this product, we recommend upgrading the firmware on your device as detailed below.
  2. If you are experiencing no display output on your monitor when using video cables or adapters, such as the Moshi USB-C to DP cable, we also recommend upgrading the firmware on your device as detailed below. 

Step 1 
First, download the Firmware Upgrade Tool to your computer. 

Download Link

Step 2 
Locate the downloaded content (typically found within your “Downloads” folder), right-click it, and unzip the folder to your “Desktop” for easy access. 
Step 3 
Connect external power to the Surface Pro and make sure an external monitor is connected via the HDMI port on the BlackBelt CAC Case. 

Step 4 
Open the folder labeled “KST_Shasta_FW_UpdateTool_PVTV03_20220420_1100” from your desktop and double-click the application file labeled “KST_Shasta_FWUpgradeTool_PVTV03_20220420.exe”  

Step 5 
Once the Firmware Upgrade Tool is launched, left-click the button marked “Upgrade Now”. 

Step 5 Screen Shot

Step 6 
The upgrade process may take up to five minutes to complete. During this time, ensure power and your video connection do not become disconnected from your Surface Pro. 

Step 7 
When the firmware upgrade is complete, you will be notified as shown below. You can now click “OK” to close the program. 

Step 7 Screen Shot

Step 8 
Restart the Surface Pro and resume typical usage in your environment. If you check your firmware version via the upgrade tool again, you will see “Current FW Version is up-to-date”.  

Step 8 Screen Shot

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