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Top 4 Best Solutions for the New Challenges of a Hybrid Worker

SD1600P Mini Mobile Dock on desk

Changes are coming. Remote workstations are likely to remain the standard. However, some employers have begun rolling out hybrid work schedules - where an employee will work from home for a few days and return to the office for the remainder of the workweek. 

In early 2020, Kensington began offering solutions to work from home. Today, they help employees adjust once again by providing solutions to the challenges facing hybrid work schedules. 

More than 66% of decision-makers say they are considering incorporating hybrid workstations within their organization. These new work schedules mean employees need to prepare to work from wherever they are designated – either from home, or back to the office. 

The New Challenges Hybrid Workers Face Today

While many company leaders believe that a hybrid work environment is beneficial, 30% of executives in the United States express concern with hybrid work models. These directors fear that new schedules will make it challenging to maintain the corporate culture.  

Here are some of the other challenges the hybrid work environment holds for all of an organization's employees:

Bias Among Workers

There are concerns that remote and hybrid workers will miss out on opportunities given to office workers. Some staff have reported that they were not considered for a promotion simply because they were not in the office, and therefore not seen by the directors giving these advancements.

Likewise, surveys indicate that directors consider remote workers to be less committed, even though they work the same hours as those seen working within the office setting. This bias is true for hybrid and office staff.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Staff fear that connecting with their colleagues will be more challenging, especially with a hybrid worker, who could be anywhere. Without seamless connectivity, companies risk errors, disparities, and poor communication.

Furthermore, staff must have access to critical data wherever they are working. There are 4.3 million people in the United States working from home right now, and at the dawn of the pandemic, companies scrambled to get their employees set up to work from home. This challenge included finding effective methods to safeguard critical company data while allowing essential staff access remotely. 

Open Communication

Nearly 60% of remote and hybrid workers miss out on important information. This lack of communication is due to reports that were given in person at the office. For that reason, there needs to be a transparent communications standard implemented within every organization employing remote and hybrid workers.

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Many employees claim that working from home causes adverse effects on their mental health. They state that it has made it tricky to achieve a proper work/life balance. This issue has also affected overall employee morale.

However, around 48% of employees say that they would like to continue to work from home. They would like to remain a remote worker or employ a hybrid work model that allows them to work primarily outside the office.

4 Solutions for a Hybrid Worker Going Back to the Office

Understanding the challenges of remote and hybrid workers is why Kensington has been diligent in offering solutions that make adapting to any work environment less stressful. With approximately 74% of companies reporting they will permanently shift some employees to a remote or hybrid model, Kensington has a series of products to make working from anywhere more convenient.

SureTrack™ Dual Wireless Mouse

Kensington’s SureTrack™ Dual Wireless Mouse comes in 5 colors and has dual connectivity with Bluetooth or dongle options. For those with a little less desk space, consider the Orbit® Wireless Mobile Trackball. Plug and play installation means you remain efficient even on the go. 

Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard  

The Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard is an excellent match with the SureTrack™ Dual Wireless Mouse. This wireless keyboard comes in black or white and offers multiple connectivity options, just like the SureTrack™. It features a compact design, you can connect up to three devices at a time, and it works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Chrome.

PowerPointer Presentation Remote

Kensignton’s PowerPointer Presentation Remote is compatible with PowerPoint 2010 or later on Windows and version 16.09 or later for macOS. This presentation pointer features a digital laser pointer and pen, and has no software requirements. It has a 49-foot operating range and charges using a micro USB port. This pointer is a perfect device when going back to the office or working from wherever.

Orbit® Fusion™ Wireless Trackball with Trackball Hard Case

When working from home or heading back to the office, grab a trackball with a matching carry case for easy transport. This trackball features a right-handed design. 

However, it doesn't mean left-handed users won't enjoy the comforts and ease of use with Kensington's Orbit® Fusion™ Wireless Trackball with Orbit® Fusion™ Wireless Trackball Hard Case. Many left-handed folks track using their right hand.

Kensington's high-quality products mean you can carry around your trackball without worrying that it will get damaged or dirty. For a thumb-operated preference, try the Pro Fit® Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball with the Pro Fit® Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball Hard Case.

Be Ready for Work, Wherever You are Working 

At Kensington, we understand that adapting to a hybrid work schedule requires patience. The question of how to balance a hybrid work schedule is a challenge that many people face. It can be even more challenging if you regularly switch between working at the office, in your home, or on the go. That is why we’ve created this set of Kensington products that bundle well for those looking for ways to make their transition back into an office setting easier, after being out of one for so long.

Kensington designed this bundle to make the transition between work and home more convenient. We know that hybrid employees need viable solutions that help them stay productive, no matter where their workstation is today.

Hybrid work schedules seem to be here to stay. Contact us at Kensington and check out our best bundles for the best solutions when working or learning from home.