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How to Improve Workplace Wellness Using a Trackball

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Did you know that there is an alternative to using a mouse to navigate your computer that isn’t relying on keyboard shortcuts or the trackpad built into your laptop?

Trackballs offer the functionality of a mouse but in a different way. Instead of moving the whole device as you do with a mouse, the trackball remains stationary and there is a rotating ball located on top. To move the cursor on your screen, you move the ball.

If you have never tried a trackball, here are some reasons why you might want to give one a try.

The Benefits of Using a Trackball

Trackballs offer several benefits when compared to a typical computer mouse. If you want to make a better set-up for your office, a trackball may be just what you need to feel more relaxed at work.

1. Trackballs Require Less Space and No Smooth Surface

Trackballs require less space than a mouse. Although a trackball is a larger device than your typical mouse, it doesn’t need a flat surface to operate because the movement is controlled from the ball located on top of the device.

Similarly, there is no need to worry about having a mouse pad or smooth surface for the trackball to rest on since it doesn’t need to slide freely across the desk to operate. 

2. Trackballs Are More Ergonomic

Trackballs are easier on your body because your arm can stay still while using the trackball. You only need to make small movements to move the cursor with a trackball, instead of repeatedly jerking your hand around to navigate your screen.

For this reason, using a trackball may be a good way to prevent repetitive stress injury or carpal tunnel.

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3. Trackballs Are More Accurate and Speedier

Trackballs can help you perform tasks more quickly and accurately. There’s no “running out of room” on your mouse pad and awkwardly adjusting the mouse to continue what you were doing. Since you can rotate the ball freely, you can more finely control the movement of your cursor for whatever operations you are carrying out on your machine.

You’ll love the benefits that come from being able to make finer adjustments to your work more easily.

Kensington Trackballs Offer Even More Benefits

Trackballs already offer amazing benefits, but Kensington Trackballs can improve your experience even further:

TrackballWorks Customization Software

Kensington Trackballs include TrackballWorks Customization software which allows you to personalize your experience further by allowing you to adjust features like scrolling speed and button functions.

Fine-tune your tech and make it work in a way that’s best for you.

Scroll Ring

Many Kensington Trackballs such as the Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring have a Scroll Ring which lets you spin the dial around the ball to scroll up and down pages or documents easily.

For the ultimate flexibility with using your trackball, try the Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball. This product also includes the Scroll Ring technology, and it has the added benefit of being completely wireless using either Bluetooth technology or a USB nano receiver.

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of a Trackball

Given the many benefits they offer, you owe it to yourself to try out a trackball today and see how it can improve your work.

Check out Kensington’s line of trackballs to find the best trackball for your needs.