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Can a Trackball be Ergonomic?


Believe it or not, trackballs have been around since 1946 – a whole 22 years before the first computer mice hit the tech scene.

They’ve been a staple for several decades in the offices of professionals who value precision – notably those who use CAD software, like engineers.

Today, trackballs have shed their ultra-technical reputation, becoming celebrated in offices everywhere. More and more companies are adopting them for their workstations due to the precision, space, and ergonomic benefits they provide.

While the early trackball seemed like little more than a sphere set in a case, today’s descendants constitute sleek, multifunctional, approachable devices.

A lot of great models exist on the market, but we took things a step further. We’re introducing Kensington's Pro Fit® Vertical Wireless Trackball – it’s what happens when you apply the radical concept that technology should evolve to suit the human.

Computer Mice, Ergonomics, and Opposable Thumbs – Oh My!

In terms of elegance and functionality, the first trackballs set a high bar. It’s hard to imagine that a couple of decades later, the computer mouse prototype resembled a wooden brick with a roller in it. (Seriously.)

Today, modern computer mice are ergonomic, nimble, and sensitive. They’re a solid choice for computer workers, particularly when paired with the right mouse pad and wrist rest.

Yet there’s still a more natural way to guide an input device. It involves the one feature that makes our hands the most powerful tool in our possession: our thumbs.


The Benefits of a Thumb-Operated Trackball

Our Pro Fit® Vertical Wireless Trackball returns to users the evolutionary advantage that opposable thumbs provide, plus delivering a few other useful benefits that we think you’ll appreciate.

1. Proper Alignment From Thumb to Shoulder

A significant amount of research shows that using a poorly designed input device (or the wrong one for your body) can result in various unpleasant and chronic conditions from which there’s no easy recovery. In contrast, studies also indicate that a slanted, thumb-oriented device can alleviate these conditions by encouraging good posture from hand to shoulder.

The Pro Fit® Vertical Trackball comes slanted at 60 degrees, exactly the angle at which your palm naturally rests when you set your hand on a flat surface. (We love good posture and hope you do, too.)

2. Fast, Easy, Precise Control

A vertical thumb-operated trackball offers precision, speed, and is easy to control. Guide the pointer with your thumb while your other fingers are free to use the buttons, wheel, or controls loaded on the device. With just a light use of the muscle group, the ball moves smoothly. 

3. Low Maintenance, High Efficiency

What’s better than an easy-to-learn, useful, ergonomist-approved device? One that isn’t fussy.

Whether it’s the battery life of up to a year and a half or the ejection button that makes the trackball easy to remove and clean, we designed it with the value of your time in mind. Enjoy sophisticated capabilities that enhance your workday – not complicated devices that make you waste time by fiddling with them.

4. More Flexibility for Your Work Style

The Pro Fit® Vertical Trackball has the footprint of a trackball with the same operations as a traditional mouse. When desk space is at a premium, you’ll appreciate the condensed input capabilities that don’t require a more compact keyboard to use them adequately.   


However, by keeping some of the features of a computer mouse, we’ve made it easier for you to customize the device according to your work style. We didn’t stop there with workflow flexibility. Built-in wireless connection options let you connect to three computers simultaneously. Wi-Fi connectivity also makes it possible to take your device with you wherever you want.

5. Personalized KensingtonWorks Options

Take that customization to another level with KensingtonWorks – the Pro Fit® Vertical Trackball integrates with our award-winning software solution that simplifies and elevates the efficiency of your daily workflow.

With KensingtonWorks™, you can reap the benefits of fully customized buttons and controls beyond the powerful options already featured. Program each of the nine buttons with unique navigation, launch, or media controls. You can also create “chords” – two buttons pressed together at once to perform a specific command – and take advantage of over 30 button combinations.

Besides the enhanced button assignment options, KensingtonWorks™ also allows you to customize scrolling speed and orientation to match your tasks. Finally, cultivate your personal presentation style with over 20 different pointer options and advanced customization options for your presentations.

Plug In and Be Productive With Kensington Office Solutions

Vertical trackballs are versatile devices meant for every type of office professional and personal work style. With the Pro Fit® Vertical Wireless Trackball, you’ll enjoy an ergonomist-approved design that keeps you comfortable and productive all day long.

We’ve loaded this trackball with numerous features and functions to help you amplify your daily productivity. Alternatively, take things a step further with its KensingtonWorks™ compatibility. You’ll be able to amplify your workflow’s productivity with truly personalized control.

Unleash the power of your opposable thumbs. Pick up a vertical trackball by Kensington today and get the most out of your workflow.

Kensington is a leader in the trackball space. Check out our full line up of ergonomic input devices to maximize your comfort and productivity.