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2 children working on a shared laptop with a teacher at the front of the classroom.
2 children working on a shared laptop with a teacher at the front of the classroom.

Flexible Tools for Every Learning Environment

Effective teaching isn’t about choosing the “right” platform or finding the ideal desk configuration — it’s about building a flexible space and a versatile toolkit that can help educators adapt to the needs of every lesson and every child. Kensington products help students connect with technology, and teachers connect with students. We empower education.


Why School Districts Trust Kensington

School districts turn to Kensington because of our well-designed products that work to create flexible spaces and encourage collaboration while supporting different styles of learning and teaching. Kensington stays on top of trends with the help of our Tech Advisors embedded in schools all over the country. With Kensington, you get robust, adaptable tools that help you achieve meaningful results in the classroom.

Kensington Empowers Education Program

The Kensington Empowers Education Program is designed to KEEP IT professionals abreast of the latest K12-focused products and solicits feedback through quarterly focus groups, product samples, and more. Let’s Create Solutions for Building a Better Classroom, Together.

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