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Nodes connected to each other, with the central one shining brightly and two Kensington docks positioned to the right.
Nodes connected to each other, with the central one shining brightly and two Kensington docks positioned to the right.

Kensington DockWorks™

Get the best connection, performance and security from your Kensington dock with free DockWorks™ software.


Is your dock smart?

Kensington DockWorks™ software ensures the best connection, performance and security from your Kensington dock. Seamlessly, effortlessly, reliably and at no extra cost.

Woman writing an email on her computer while a second screen is connected via a Kensington docking station.

Wi-Fi® Auto-Switch

Wi-Fi® Auto-Switch by DockWorks™ knows when to connect to LAN and when to connect to Wi-Fi®, ensuring that your laptop prioritises the fastest Ethernet connection when docked, thus maximising your internet efficiency.

Apple devices on dock, linked to Kensington for setup.

MAC Address ID Pass-Through and Reset

Mirrors the laptop’s MAC ID for greater network visibility, automatically resetting when the laptop is undocked to prevent the next user from using the previous MAC ID. This functionality is supported by BIOS MAC address passthrough for popular laptop brands such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Customer support agent utilising DockWorks Snapshot feature to help a customer with tailored solutions.

Faster Diagnostic Process with System Snapshot

We prioritise efficiency for IT managers facing challenges in overseeing laptops and docking stations. Our DockWorks™ System Snapshot feature lets users easily download a log with vital information for swift support and tailored solutions, ensuring minimal downtime. We maintain strict privacy and solely use this data for diagnostics and customised solutions.

A man is holding up a Kensington docking station and plugging in a wire.

Device Connection Monitoring

Gives IT admins a greater level of security and control of the network by allowing them to see what is connected to each user’s docking station. Particularly important in hot-desking and BYOD environments.

Kensington docking stations, mobile docks, hubs and adapters all compatible with DockWorks.

Compatibility with Kensington Connectivity Products

DockWorks™ is trusted by IT managers, corporate clients and docking users for efficient docking station management. It seamlessly integrates with Kensington’s connectivity solutions, including desktop docking stations, mobile docks, hubs and adapters. Users from various sectors choose DockWorks™ for streamlined docking management.

Woman typing on her laptop keyboard and five rating stars are popping up from the laptop screen.

Built Based on Customer Feedback

You told us what you wanted, and we delivered. We encourage your feedback to help us continuously improve. Email us at


Windows compatibility
Windows 10 or Windows 11


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