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How to Get the Most Out of Your Limited Desk Space

Tablet on desk with a Military-Grade BlackBelt™ Rugged Case

Faced with the challenge of doing more with limited desk space? You’re not alone.

Many companies are rethinking their workspace layouts to accommodate new functions and technologies. As companies shift towards digital processes and embrace practices like hotdesking, workers may find that they’ve got less desk space than they used to.

However, you’ve still got many ways to maximize your productivity with the right office setup.

Read on to learn how to make the most out of any desk space with smart, thoughtful solutions that keep you comfortable and productive.  

Minimizing Space While Maximizing Impact: The Biggest Office Challenge of the Day

Doing more with less seems to be the name of the game and that involves more than just a company’s budget. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a rise in novel office layouts.

While these workspace redesigns enhance communication, inspire collaboration, and help create the new employee ecosystem, they also inspire efficiency in other ways, too. 

Notably, they’re getting smaller.

According to one survey by MD Link, some 74 percent of employees report having limited desk space. Of those, 27 percent indicate they’ve got room for the essentials and nothing else.

Our office space is changing in direct response to changes in the way we do business. A survey by Deloitte found that some of the key reasons for smaller spaces include:

  • Most business functions are now performed digitally: With fewer manual and paper-based processes, employees spend more time interacting with digital devices and computers. These have reduced space requirements, leading the workspace overall to shrink.
  • Many organizations have embraced flexible spaces: Shared or multipurpose spaces – sometimes referred to as hotdesking – allow a company to use office space more dynamically according to daily needs. The practice grew from some early analyses that suggested as much as 40 percent of an office desk space goes unused every day.
  • Remote work is becoming more popular: The rise of remote work, or working from home, has led many businesses to invest less in employee office space.
  • The use of mobile devices is increasing: Mobile devices bring many advantages to a fast-paced workplace and also mean employees spend more time on their feet … not at their desks.

How to Maximize Limited Desk Space from Head to Toe – Comfortably!

Smaller, simpler workspaces do have many benefits for companies and their employees. Research by Kelton Global found that office clutter represented one of the main workplace stressors.

Likewise, although 48 percent of respondents indicated that desk type and office chair played a role in daily stress, workspace size didn’t even make it onto the top 10 stressors.

Limited desk space? That’s no problem if you’ve got the right setup. Here’s how to make sure you do.

Desktop computer on top of a Kensington desktop riser

1. Embrace Technological Minimalism

In our digital world, it can certainly seem like we’re surrounded by buzzing, beeping, glowing devices moving knowledge all around us on invisible currents.

There’s a good chance our office reflects that reality, too. The average office worker uses between two and three different devices every day just to complete their primary functions – and that doesn’t even count any personal devices they might have brought to work.

However, when space is at a premium, too many devices with too many functions can clutter up your space, making it hard to focus and even harder to move efficiently. Eliminate the frills and emphasize focus with:

  • Thin keyboards with compact functionality: Type and hotkey your way around your computer without extra buttons or features that take up space on your desk. Try our Pro Fit® low-profile wireless desktop set.
  • Mice with the buttons you need and nothing extra: Complement your keyboard with a programmable mouse that enhances your overall efficiency. Get the Pro Fit® Ergo Vertical wireless mouse in black or white.

2. Save Space by Moving Less

Got limited space to stretch out and move? Try using ergonomic solutions that don’t require extra effort to operate. Consider:

  • Trackballs: A vertical trackball delivers pointer precision without taking up 80 square inches of space on your desk.
  • Footrests and backrests: Find your best posture and most comfortable position with footrests and backrests, making it easier to operate within a smaller space. 

3. Cut the Clutter by Going Wireless

Wired keyboards and mice have many benefits when it comes to connectivity and stability. However, as wireless technology has improved, it also delivers similar reliability – minus the cords. Consider if switching to wireless is appropriate for the type of work you do. You might find that fewer cords make the entire desk seem less crowded. Think about:

  • An ergonomic wireless keyboard: The Slim Fit wireless keyboard keeps all functions within easy reach without additional wires.
  • A Bluetooth mouse or trackball:  Our Expert Mouse® wireless trackball delivers the precision of a trackball with the simplicity of a wireless mouse.

4. Think Vertically

If you’ve got limited desk space, think about ways to get the technology you need without actually putting it on your desk. Think vertically and go taller when you can’t go wider. For example, you may find helpful:

5. Mind the Environment, Too

An ideal environment goes a long way to help a space feel welcoming. Consider augmenting natural light and decorating your space with visually pleasing materials. You may also want to consider things like indoor air quality or temperature. Consider:

Make the Most of Your Office with Solutions from Kensington

We love efficiency and believe it’s possible in every space, large or small. Even with limited desk space, a thoughtful configuration of peripherals can amplify your productivity. With Kensington’s solutions, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, high-efficiency ecosystem anywhere.

See our full line up of space-saving ergonomic solutions now.