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Zahlen Sie zu viel für Ihre Headsets?

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Virtual Pointer Customization

  • August 08, 2017

Virtual Pointer Customization Blog Header Image

Just like cats tracking a laser pointer, your audience can’t help but have their attention drawn to your pointer. That can be a distraction, or with Ultimate Presenter Virtual Pointer, you can turn it to your advantage.

In a big conference room or lecture hall you can give your audience a large slow-moving pointer that is easy to track; and then when you make the same presentation to remote staff watching on their laptops, you can increase the speed and reduce the size of the pointer so that it highlights information without being a distraction.

A whimsical pointer that would charm and delight an audience of 6-year-olds would seriously undermine your professional credibility at an industry keynote address. So with Ultimate Presenter, you are not limited to a single design; you can even upload your own logo or other graphic to use as a pointer.