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Eliminate the risk of forgotten combinations. The Kensington ClickSafe® Combination Laptop Lock -Master Coded provides both combination and administrator access when used in conjunction with a ComboGenie (sold separately). The ComboGenie serves as an electronic "opener" and creates a proprietary authentication process for secure combination recovery ideal for situations where a large number of combination locks need to be administered by a person who is the authorized master administrator.

The Kensington ClickSafe® Combination Laptop Lock - Master Coded is designed for effortless protection of computers and your business's most important data. Locks attach to hardware in a single step. Just one click and it's safe.

ClickSafe® A simpler, safer and smarter investment.

  • ClickSafe®’s keyless locking mechanism helps increase employee compliance. There’s no excuse for computers and data being left unprotected
  • Administrators can release and reset codes using ComboGenie and unique access code
  • Keyless four wheel combination lock with 10,000 possible combinations
  • Tamper-proof disk-style lock combined with superior materials provide near impenetrable protection
  • 12.7mm low profile lockhead ensures compatibility with thin laptops
  • Protects you hardware by attaching itself to the Kensington Security Anchor which connects to the Kensington Security Slot found in 99% of laptops
  • Super-strong steel cable provides the strongest physical security on the market
  • Online combination code Register & Retrieve™ service
  • Master Coded Combination locks are ideal for field based staff or remote locations where local IT support isn’t practical
  • Watch employee compliance rates rise! ClickSafe® makes security effortless
  • UPC: 085896646815
ClickSafe® Combination Ultra Laptop Lock - Master Coded
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