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Affiliate Marketing Program

The Kensington Affiliate Program offers your visitors access to Kensington’s ever-evolving product line. Kensington is the #1 brand in physical security for laptops and mobile devices. The extensive product lineup also includes a full suite of desktop accessories such as trackballs, docks, mice and keyboards, as well as mobile-device accessories and ergonomic products for the office, home or school. 

This program is ideal to promote to consumers who are looking for the latest in Kensington-branded product solutions for the office, home or on the go.

Kensington Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Commissionable Product SolutionsEarn commissions on all sales, including the latest in desktop, laptop, and tablet product solutions and accessories
  • Attractive Asset CreativePresenting the recognizable Kensington logo and attractive banner creative
  • Ever-Evolving Product PortfolioKensington’s laptop and mobile-security locks provide front-line protection to keep a wide variety of devices safe from theft. In addition, Kensington offers accessories including power adapters, chargers, and carrying cases like backpacks, messenger bags and sleeves. 

How can you benefit from the Kensington Affiliate Program?

Kensington remains the leading brand in physical security for laptops and continues to be recognized as a trusted brand. Furthermore, Kensington has developed an extensive portfolio that enables us  to offer complete solutions for home, office and on-the-go environments making them, and more importantly Kensington.com, the go-to destination  for consumers and small to medium size businesses.

The solutions available via the Kensington Affiliate Program are vital products for enabling healthy and efficient working conditions and optimum productivity wherever you are; promoting them as such will prove very valuable.