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  • "Having the Expert Mouse has become an essential tool in my workflow"

    Brian Kennedy - Producer

Case Study: Producing Expert Precision


About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is an American songwriter, record producer and musician from Kansas City, Missouri. He’s worked with artists including Chris Brown, Cheryl Cole and Rihanna on her chart-topping hit “Disturbia”.  He now resides in Southern California and is the founder and owner of Classik Recording Studio.


The Problem

Working long hours in the recording studio, Brian needs tools to increase his productivity and allow him to work comfortably. Brian says, “I've found that the most problematic pitfalls of using a standard mouse are limited mobility and hand fatigue. Having to physically drag a mouse across a table limits the extent to which I can drag a cursor before having to stop and readjust. When time is of the essence, this not only wastes time, but it can be physically taxing on the wrist.” 


The Solution

Having done his research on the tools which would enable him to work more comfortably in the studio, Brian selected the Kensington Expert Mouse® Trackball. With our DiamondEye Optical technology for smooth, precise cursor control, our award-winning scroll ring and a soft wrist rest, the ambidextrous Expert Mouse is the ultimate in comfort. It also offers four customizable buttons, allowing you to fully optimize it for your needs. 


How has it helped?

We asked Brian how using Expert Mouse has helped him in the studio. He explains, “Using the trackball on Kensington's Expert Mouse, while tracking and making edits within Pro Tools and Logic, assists me in working precisely, without the distracting discomfort of hand fatigue. It allows me to illimitably scroll through a session file. The programmability of the mouse also enables me to map certain commands, significantly increasing efficiency.

When working in a recording studio, productivity is about speed. Being able to quickly make edits and changes within a session is absolutely crucial to a producer and engineer's work flow. Having the Expert Mouse has become an essential tool in my workflow because of the agility and efficiency it enables.”

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