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Laptop Docking Station Lock Options

Universal docks offer far greater flexibility for organizations and multi-device households. However, one criticism is that they do not offer an integrated locking solution. A form-factor dependent security solution just isn’t practical for inclusion into a universal dock. 

While many proprietary laptop docks allow you to securely lock the laptop to the docking station, users of propriety docks will confess that locks are often positioned in hard-to-reach areas and are rarely used.

So what are the 5 questions you need to ask when selecting locks to secure your investment in universal laptop docking stations?

1: How will I secure a lock to my Universal Docking Station?

1: How will I secure a lock to my Universal Docking Station?

First, look to ensure that your Universal Dock features a Kensington Security Slot to which a lock can be secured. Many do. Look for the K-Slot padlock logo. All of our docks feature an integrated Kensington Security Slot.

If your dock doesn’t feature a security slot, you can add one using an aftermarket Kensington Security Slot adapter.

2: Can I use the same lock to secure my laptop and my docking station?

2: Can I use the same lock to secure my laptop and my docking station?

You need to determine if the same lock is required to secure other items at the workstation, such as a monitor or hard drive. Using separate locks for the laptop docking station as well as the laptop and other peripherals, such as the monitor, isn’t convenient or cost effective.

We offer two solutions for multi-equipment locking scenarios.

Twin locks feature two lock heads on the same lock cable. One lock head is fixed at the end of the cable, another travels along the cable to allow for a second item to be locked. Each lock shares the same key.

Twin locks are often deployed to secure a Docking Station and a laptop. The docking station remains permanently locked while the second lock head is used to secure the laptop. Conveniently, the second lock head is always readily accessible, since being attached to the dock prevents cables falling under or behind desks. If you want to lock your monitor as well, an expansion loop with a third lock head can be added.

Our MicroSaver Twin Keyed Locks feature anti-picking technology.

ClickSafe Twin Keyed Locks add the convenience of click-on keyless locking.

3: Can I lock all my peripherals?

3: Can I lock all my peripherals?

If you are seeking to secure more items, our long Desktop PC & Peripherals Locking Kit cable may better meet your needs. The cable allows five items to be secured to a single cable using a single key to secure the end of the cable with a tamper-resistant lock head.

4: What will you lock your docking station to?

4: What will you lock your docking station to?

Next, you need to consider what you will secure your cable to. Often a fixed anchor point such as a table leg will allow for the cable lock to be looped through itself.  Dedicated security anchor points that can be affixed to table tops are available for purchase should you need one.

5: How will you manage lost lock keys?

5: How will you manage lost lock keys?

Lastly, you need to consider what provision you need to make for lost keys or forgotten combination codes. Our free Register & Retrieve™ lock management portal allows keys and combination codes to be securely registered should keys be lost or codes forgotten. If you’re deploying multiple docks and locks, you can make use of the group functionality to keep track of your locks by location or user.


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