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Organization: Clear Water Outdoor

Industry: Retail & Adventure Travel

About Clear Water Outdoor:

Clear Water Outdoor is a specialty outdoor retailer in Wisconsin, USA and recognized by Outdoor USA Magazine as a Top 100 outdoor specialty retailer of 2014.

In addition to its regional network of specialist outdoor sports retail stores it also offers rentals of Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, and Canoes.

Clear Water Outdoor also organize and host a significant calendar of races and events and provide corporate and private instruction services.

The Problem:

Brian Waspi COO, explains: “We decided on iPads to handle our field-based transactions during adventure services, rental locations, and our events. The problem was that the outdoor nature of our business required a great deal of flexibility and protection for the iPads, while also preserving the kiosk functionality we depend upon to transact."

"Our iPads had to survive life in the field, but also come inside as a tabletop register when needed. We’re hard on gear in the Outdoor Industry and we needed something that would withstand abuse, look good, be secure, and have easily
replaceable components."

"Most of the cases on the market seemed designed for only one of those requirements and it wasn’t easy for us to find
cases that would fit the bill.”

The Solution:

The Solution:

Brian continues: “What really sold us on the Kensington SecureBack solution was the integrated protection of the card reader. There’s simply no way those tiny card readers would have survived unless they were integrated into the case design."

"Other cases we tried were tough, but made keeping our PayPal Here™ credit card readers connected a hassle let alone protecting it from damage. After that it was an easy decision because of the modular nature of the cases and being able to lock them. We loved the ability to change out the back for different applications (desktop, register stand, handheld, wall-mount, etc). This is a key feature for us as our business grows and our use of iPads evolves."

"The last feature that sold us was the locking mechanism integrated into the case back. That gave us the ability to move them easily and secure them on-site. Events get busy and people are everywhere. One of these iPads could easy walk away and the versatile cable lock takes that worry away."

"So far we’re impressed with these cases and the cost represented a good value.”