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  • Built to survive K-12 classrooms. Designed to protect your investment.

    SafeGrip™ preserves everything kids and schools love about the iPad, while adding rugged, padded protection the iPad demands
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  • Class Passed: The Art of Tablet Protection

    Dropping a stack of books whilst running between lessons doesn’t have the same heart stopping moment as dropping an iPad. With military-grade drop protection, and offering variety of options, the BlackBelt™ series graduates porotection from K-6.
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  • Non Toxic Stylus

    Children enjoy learning on tablets because it’s fun and interactive. But there are concerns over their impact on children’s motor skills development. GummyGrip™ Stylus helps encourage manual dexterity refinement and development.
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  • Classroom Solutions for Teachers and Students

    Don’t lose a minute of valuable learning time due to broken or stolen tablets. Protect and secure your iPads with these innovative solutions.

Classroom Accessories

Complete Your 21st Century Classroom with Best-in-Class Accessories

You’ve made a serious commitment to classroom technology. Now make sure that investment is safe while also boosting productivity with smart accessories from Kensington. We have complete solutions for educators including security access

management and education pricing which makes it easy to choose Kensington. And it’s all backed by over 30 years of innovation and a commitment to customer service.


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