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Kensington Security Slot

This page is a resource for designers and engineers who are working to give customers the best options for physical security of computer and electronic equipment. Kensington encourages OEMs to continue to adopt the Kensington Security Slot and now the new Kensington Mini Security Slot for Ultra-Thin devices. You'll find information on which security slot or anchoring system is best for your device.  How to implement documents are also located on these pages.

Kensington, The Industry Leader - Benefits of Incorporating a Slot

  • The Kensington Security Slot has been the industry standard since 1990, giving customers the best option for physical security of computer and electronic equipment (including Notebooks, Desktops, Flat Panel Monitors, Projectors, Servers, Printers, etc).

  • The Kensington Security Slot adds value to your product by offering your consumers a simple, built in security solution.

  • Major computer companies like Dell, Compaq, IBM, HP and Toshiba have adopted the Kensington Security Slot as a standard security solution.

  • Innovation – Kensington’s newest design – the Mini Security Slot enables trusted security on ultra-thin devices.

One Solution No Longer Fits All

Kensington Mini Security Slot

Optimized for integration into ultra-slim devices slimmer than 12mm.

Compatible with locks featuring our Cleat™ Locking Technology.

Kensington Security Slot

The original K-Slot. Ideal for seamless integration into devices and hardware with more than 12mm flat surface area for the locking point.

All T-Bar™ and Cleat Locking Technology locks can be used with the K-Slot.

ClickSafe® Security Anchor

Its symmetrical round form allows it to be positioned anywhere without concern of correct alignment and provides direct vertical engagement eliminating the need for a surrounding clear zone for lock application.

Compatible with all ClickSafe Locks.

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