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Tablet Keyboard Case Buying Guide - Choosing the Right Keyboard Case

How to Choose the Right Keyboard Case

Choosing a keyboard that is comfortable to use and capable of meeting your expectations for typing speed is always important. This is doubly true when choosing a keyboard for your tablet - ease of use and comfort may be more difficult to find when on the go, but equally, you may not necessarily want to add lots of extra weight to your elegant device.

Keyboard Types

Laptop-style Keyboards

Laptop-style keyboards offer the best typing experience. They offer laptop familiarity and provide better tactile feedback. Well spaced keyboard keys and your favorite function keys reduce typos and better replicate your laptop keyboard.

Silicone Keyboards

Silicone keyboards are resistant to liquid spills and dust and can be easily cleaned. Protect your keyboard from little accidents by choosing silicone for spill-resistant typing. The typing experience is less like that of a laptop but selecting one with a rigid base will help overcome this issue.

Why are Viewing Angles Important?

Why are Viewing Angles Important?

In attempting to recapture the comfort and utility of a laptop, tablet keyboard cases can sometimes make compromises when it comes to comfort.  Instead of a laptop style hinge, which would add bulk and a mechanical liability, tablet keyboard cases generally allow the user to rest the base of the tablet on the keyboard whilst the opened folio provides support for a subsequently backward leaning tablet.

Whilst many keyboard cases offer multiple viewing angles you’ll generally find that only one is usable for you as it depends on your height and reach as to which angle best suits your individual needs.  However, you need to be aware that keyboard cases with fixed keyboards may not offer you a viewing angle that is ergonomically comfortable for you.

Viewing angles are considerable restricted by the case size, if you want lots of viewing angles and a compact design then you should strongly consider a keyboard case with a removable keyboard as a removable keyboard successfully overcomes these issues and can offer a range of comfortable viewing positions that is actually superior to a laptop setup.

What do I need to consider if I want a detachable keyboard?

While a removable keyboard overcomes the comfort issues of a fixed keyboard folio design they can compromise the typing experience.

Check for a keyboard with a rigid base. Rigidity is important when seeking to minimize keyboard the effects of keyboard bounce that slim, lightweight plastic keyboards are prone to. Simple additions such as rubber feet on the base of the keyboard will help you avoid the frustration of your keyboard bouncing or moving whilst you type.

What is the difference between a Folio design and a Hard Shell design?

Choosing a case that offers the right amount of protection, comfort and style is just as important as finding the right keyboard setup.

How will my tablet be secured in its case?



This is the most common design. Your tablet slides into a sleeve which is stitched or glued to the folio case. An envelope style flap keeps the tablet from slipping out.


Form fitting baskets feature a plastic cradle into which the tablet is placed. These are highly secure and provide rigid back protection for your tablet.



This is a strong solution used to offer the convenience of being able to quickly remove your tablet from its folio case. Simply press your tablet onto the microsuction pad and millions of tiny suckers keep your tablet secured to the folio.

Secure Folios

Secure Folios

Secure Folios feature a ClickSafe security anchor allowing it to be secured with a Kensington security cable should you need to leave your tablet and its keyboard case unattended.

What makes a Kensington all-in-one Keyboard Case Different?

Kensington keyboard cases are specifically designed to give you a high-quality, uncompromised typing experience without sacrificing the core benefits of the tablet experience – especially portability and ease of use.  Our design innovation focuses on ensuring you enjoy the typing experience delivered by our keyboards.

  • Full keyboard functionality on your tablet – tactile keys are carefully spaced and sized to allow you to reach your top typing speed and make fewer errors
  • Easy to synchronize and use – One time Bluetooth® pairing
  • Easy to remove and reattach – use your device as a standalone tablet whenever you want to
  • Choice of viewing angles – Your viewing comfort is important to us 
  • Superior battery life and easy charging process: all keyboards run off their own lithium polymer batteries, offering approximately 100 hours of working use
  • Power saving features: keyboards power off when not in use
  • Added protection: a variety of durable materials protect your device from everyday knocks
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