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Tablet Keyboard Case Buying Guide - How will I benefit?

While a Tablet is great for keeping up with emails during a meeting or sharing content with a client their touch-screen keyboards make word processing or editing spreadsheets a relatively frustrating, time-consuming exercise, it makes sense to seek a dedicated keyboard to maximise the potential of your tablet.

If you’re after laptop-level productivity from your iPad, Galaxy Tab or other tablet, the simplest solution is to invest in a keyboard case.

Apps & Tasks that become easier with a Tablet Keyboard Case

Apps & Tasks that become easier with a Tablet Keyboard Case
  • Word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps such as those in the following office suites: Apple iWork for iOS, Google Quickoffice, Google Drive, Documents to Go, Kingsoft Office and Microsoft Office Mobile for Office 365
  • Notetaking apps such as Evernote, Simplenote and Springpad
  • Blogging and apps such as Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace and Blogsy

How will I benefit from a Keyboard Case?

Keyboard cases unlock tablet potential by allowing you to type more comfortably and quickly than when using an onscreen keyboard.



Business users need a durable, high performance keyboard capable of dealing with fast typing speeds and plenty of use.  Our keyboard case designs are as light and compact as tablets and they’re far easier to transport than a laptop which you'll really appreciate.

Features you’ll appreciate most:

  • Well spaced keyboard keys and your favorite function keys reduce typos and better replicate your laptop keyboard.
  • Keyboard cases with a removable keyboard case offer a better range of viewing angles than a laptop, meaning you can avoid neck-strain, wherever you’re working.
  • Models offering a backlit keyboard will make typing easier in darkened presentation rooms, night flights and evening commutes



Students have productivity needs that are similar to office workers – making use of the same word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps.

However, it’s important to balance work with play, and the versatility of our case designs will ensure that once their homework is done, they’ll be able to go back to using their tablet for entertainment.

Features to consider:

• A modular design can that include a smart cover and easily removable keyboard is highly desirable when seeking multi-use value allowing students to switch from study to leisure without needing to buy a second case

• Look for zippered folios that help to keep everything together between classes

Internet browsing and social media

If your tablet is used primarily for browsing, a keyboard case can still be useful. If you like to browse and chat, a dedicated keyboard will make life far easier.

If you’re an avid on-line shopper you’ll notice the benefits of a dedicated keyboard as soon as you have to fill in an address form.

And if you’re a light computer user in general, it makes sense to have a single device that can do everything you want it to.

Family computing

Family computing

Thanks to their superior usability and the range of great software available, your tablet PC may already be popular with every member of your family. A keyboard case can only enhance that versatility and are a great way of introducing a young tablet user to typing in an environment they feel safe in.

Features you’ll value

  • A removable keyboard that can be put away when work ends and play begins
  • Protect your keyboard from little accidents by choosing silicon for spill-resistant typing
  • Safety first – ensure that there aren’t any easily removable small parts 
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