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Register & Retrieve™ Lock Management

Register & Retrieve™ Lock Management Portal


Register & Retrieve™ Lock Management Portal

Our Register & Retrieve™ lock registration suite empowers administrators to manage their lock programs and ensure staff benefit from Kensington support services without needing to contact their administrator.

It’s simpler for the administrator as it provides a single portal for the management of all locks, safer for the user as they are provided with their own unique account and smarter for an organization that
wants to ensure it’s assets are recorded and available following personnel change.

It allows administrators to:

Register locks individually or en-mass to individuals or groups
Manage Master Keyed, Like Keyed or Shared Keyed programs
Create user accounts for their end users where replacement keys can be ordered or combination codes saved
Record lock ownership and download reports
Find the owners of lost keys
Reassign locks to new users

It allows individuals to:

Order replacement keys
Retrieve stored combination codes