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PowerWhiz™ Tablet & Smartphone Chargers

PowerWhiz™ Technology

With so many different devices out there, finding the right charger can be a challenge. PowerWhiz takes the guesswork out of the equation. PowerWhiz is an internal chip inside the charger that automatically recognizes your device and always gives it a fast, safe charge.

Qualcomm® QuickCharge™ 2.0 technology

Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ is the next generation of fast charging technology for devices powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors.  QuickCharge 2.0 can speed charging times by up to 75% for compatible devices. 

Our own laboratory tests show that Kensington Chargers featuring PowerWhiz and QuickCharge 2.0 can charge and iPhone 6+ 40% faster than the standard 10W charger supplied by Apple with the iPhone 6+.

How much time will you save?

See how much time you can save on a full charge with a Kensington Quick Charge PowerWhiz Charger.

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  • PowerBolt™ 3.4 Dual Fast Charge Car Charger with Micro USB Cable
    PowerBolt™ 3.4 Dual Fast Charge Car Charger with Micro USB Cable

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going places and with a Kensington PowerBolt 3.4 Car Charger on board, it’s getting charged fast. The Kensington PowerBolt 3.4 Fast Charge has a built-in charging cable for your Galaxy S4, along with a USB charging port with PowerWhiz™ and 2.4 AMPs of power for your...

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    $29.99 K38119WW

How can I charge quickly?

How fast your device charges is dependent of the size of the battery and the amount of AMPs the battery can draw.

An iPad Air charges optimally with a 2.1A charger. Using an iPhone 5s charger, which delivers 1.0A, will take twice as long to charge the tablet.

Using a higher AMP charger won’t necessarily charge your device any quicker, and can endanger your device. This is due to the fact that some devices, like the iPad, limit the current pulled from the charger to make sure the electronics don’t get damaged. Most batteries prefer to be charged at the same rate that they discharge, which also helps their longevity. PowerWhiz tackles the danger of overloading your device by correctly delivering the right amount of AMPs to your device!

Advice on Multi-Device Chargers

Chargers with more than one USB port won’t necessarily charge multiple devices at the same rate. Some chargers will share the charge it’s able to deliver across all ports. Other types of chargers have ports with different AMP ratings.

If you want to charge multiple devices quickly and safely, look no further than a Kensington charger with PowerWhiz™ technology.