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Presentair™ Bluetooth® Presenter with Red Laser & Stylus

Present Like a Pro Without Using a USB Port

Presentair™ Bluetooth® Presenter with Red Laser & Stylus




This Bundle Includes

About This Product

Present, point and annotate like a professional with the Presentair™, which is designed into a sleek, comfortable pen shape. An intuitive button layout controls PowerPoint® and Keynote® slides on Windows® and Mac OS® devices from up to 30 feet away. The red laser pointer can highlight aspects of your presentation and the responsive, touch-sensitive stylus tip makes annotations a breeze. Presentair stores in a handy carrying case and recharges via the micro USB cable.


  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity to save a valuable USB port for other accessories
  • Presentation and Media modes
  • Red laser pointer
  • Rechargeable battery via included micro USB cable
  • Stylus tip for touchscreens
  • 30-foot wireless range
  • Compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, 7


  • macOS X 10.11
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


  • UPC: 5028252337182
  • Best For: Tablets
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: macOS X 10.11, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Controls: Media Controls, Presentation Controls
  • Laser Pointer: Red
  • Range (ft/m): 30/10
  • Stylus Tip: Large
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Laser Type: Mobile Computer
  • Period of Warranty: Unknown

Weights and Dimensions

  • Height: 125mm / 4.9"
  • Width: 20mm / 0.8"
  • Depth: 15mm / 0.6"
  • Weight: -


2 yearsYou can get further information on warranties by viewing our Warranty Information page.

Case studies

Product support
  • Bluetooth® 3.0 Connectivity

    Bluetooth® 3.0 Connectivity

    Allows you to connect and present without the need to use one of your host device’s USB ports

  • Presenter and Media Modes

    In Presentation Mode (A), forward and back buttons seamlessly move your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides, along with screen blackout option and a button to activate the laser pointer. In Media Mode (B), the 4 buttons offer play/pause, previous track, next track and stop.

    Presenter and Media Modes
  • Red Laser Pointer

    Red Laser Pointer

    Make your point at the touch of a button with a bright red laser that can highlight any part of your presentation with complete effectiveness

  • Rechargeable Battery

    The internal battery recharges via any USB port using the included micro USB recharging cable

    Rechargeable Battery
  • Stylus Tip

    Stylus Tip

    The narrow end of the presenter has a capacitive stylus tip, providing excellent control for touchscreen devices

  • 30-Foot Range

    Roam the room knowing that your receiver will stay connected during your presentation

    30-Foot Range
  • About Kensington

    About Kensington

    Kensington is the brand professionals choose when they need the most innovative and reliable accessories to be at their productive best. With more than 30 years of trusted expertise, business professionals and home office users can be assured that every Kensington product you purchase will deliver on our "smart. safe. simple" brand promise.

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