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SafeDome™ Cable Lock for iMac®

Strong Security for a Public iMac

SafeDome™ Cable Lock for iMac®


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About This Product

A computer as sleek as the iMac deserves a lock that combines style and strength. The SafeDome™ Cable Lock delivers with a design that complements the beautiful iMac aesthetics while providing the highest level of anti-theft security for public or multi-user settings like a library, lab, or school. The heavy-duty ClickSafe® lock provides superior anti-theft protection, and the extra strong cable ensures you have the flexibility to move your iMac around the desktop. SafeDome also helps clean up the desktop with a cable management pass-thru to organize cord clutter.


  • Heavy-duty ClickSafe® lock secures with just one click with anti-pick technology to provide the highest level of security
  • Sleek dome design securely attaches to iMac stand with complementary aesthetics
  • Ultra steel cable is thicker than a standard cable for extra strength against cutting
  • Easy to position and assemble lock
  • Built-in cable management secures wired iMac accessories
  • Won’t interfere with iMac adjustability
  • Compatible with iMac models from 2010 and later
  • Compatible with 2010, 2011 & 2013 iMac model



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  • SafeDome®


    The sleek, yet sturdy, metal housing assembles easily and can be quickly attached to the iMac stand with minimal effort

  • ClickSafe® Lock

    The heavy-duty lock fits directly into the SafeDome, providing superior anti-theft security for your iMac

    ClickSafe® Lock
  • Ultra Cable

    Ultra Cable

    The extra thick, extra strong cable is made of carbon steel and covered by an anti-shearing sleeve that combines to provide unparalleled protection against cutting attempts

  • Cable Management

    A special pass-thru allows you to route the cables for wired USB accessories like a keyboard and mouse in the SafeDome so they are just as secure as your iMac

    Cable Management
  • Full Adjustability

    Full Adjustability

    The iMac base is free to move around the desktop as far as the lock cable will allow, plus the ability to swivel the screen remains fully functional to set it at an optimal viewing angle