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Windfall® Tablet Stand for Dell® Venue 8 Pro

Securely Take Your Tablet for a Spin

Windfall® Tablet Stand for Dell® Venue 8 Pro



This Bundle Includes

About This Product

Your shop deserves better than a clunky point-of-sale hardware or a cheap stand. The WindFall Stand for Dell Venue 8 Pro features an elegant design that exudes strength and modern good looks. With commercial-grade construction, tamper-resistant assembly and handsome aesthetics, it’s perfect for use in retail locations and the hospitality industry. With the WindFall Stand, it’s now easy and inexpensive to install secure, interactive point-of-sale checkout locations and information kiosks throughout your retail space while keeping your cash drawer and receipt printer out of sight.


  • Secure mounting to a countertop or tabletop with a ClickSafe® lock. Can also include pivot and spin capabilities with Pivot Table. (Lock and Pivot Table sold separately)
  • Sturdy and secure design integrates high-quality construction with tamper-resistant features
  • Integrated cable management eliminates cable clutter for cleaner point-of-sale


  • Dell Venue 8 Pro


  • UPC: 085896679240

Weights and Dimensions

  • Height: 137mm / 5.4"
  • Width: 216mm / 8.5"
  • Depth: 124mm / 4.9"
  • Weight: 0.9kg


2 yearsYou can get further information on warranties by viewing our Warranty Information page.

Case studies

Product support
  • Secure Counter Mounting

    Secure Counter Mounting

    Add pivot and spin capabilities to your WindFall Stand with the PivotTable (sold separately). Add a ClickSafe® lock to secure your stand (lock sold separately).

  • Sturdy and Secure

    The Windfall Stand for Dell Venue Pro by Heckler combines sleek aesthetics with sturdy and secure construction. Cut from high-quality steel, the Windfall Stand mounts your tablet at the perfect angle for point-of-sale use. Tamper-resistant screws provide peace of mind, ensuring your tablet isn’t going anywhere without you knowing.

    Sturdy and Secure
  • Integrated Cable Management

    Integrated Cable Management

    Keep your Dell Venue tablet powered throughout the day and eliminate cable clutter by threading your power cord through the backplate of your Windfall Stand