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  • How Do I Change My Dock Settings?

    Mirror or extend your laptop screen

Laptop Docking Station Screen Configuration Settings & Corporate Install

Kensington laptop docking stations make it easy for users to adjust their settings to suit their personal preferences and needs without having to log a ticket with their IT support team.  Whether you work in a large office or are a home user, you are only a click away from adjusting your docking station settings.

Following initial setup, users will find a conveniently positioned icon in their desktop tool bar when your PC is connected to the dock.

One simple right click provides access to a simplified rollover menu of the controls that allows users to maximize the productivity potential of their laptop dock.

Screen Position

Dependent upon workstation configuration, proximity to power sources, and light sources, a monitor and a laptop will be placed in different positions relative to a laptop screen.

It’s important the dock is aware of the monitor and screen setup so cursors can be freely moved from one screen to another as if both displays were one.

The below configuration shows the monitor positioned to the left of the laptop.  To allow the cursor to move across from the laptop screen to the monitor screen with one mouse movement to the left, the Extend To setting should be set to “Left”.  Users can select from the following options:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Above
  • Below

Screen Rotation

Workstation space, monitor mounting options or content display requirements may necessitate  users to rotate their monitor to a portrait rather than a landscape position or to flip the display.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of rotating a screen, think back to a recent flight or railway journey. Digital signage of departure and arrival information is displayed in a portrait configuration.

Users can rotate their chosen screen through the following options:

  • Normal
  • Left
  • Right
  • Upside-Down


When additional monitors are intended to mirror or clone the laptop screen, users can simply select “Mirror”.

A good scenario to imagine is utilizing a monitor in a store window, driven by a laptop with its screen saver enabled, or conducting a PowerPoint presentation at a meeting, projecting your laptop’s screen to a larger monitor or projector screen. 

Set as Main Monitor

This setting would enable the external monitor attached to the dock to be the primary monitor on your system, while keeping the native laptop screen as the extended one.


This turns off the external monitor from displaying images from the PC.

Fit to TV

Use this interface to grow or shrink the size of your desktop to match your TV screen.

Note that menu names and options may change following software updates based on user feedback and functionality upgrades.

These controls can be overridden by the operating control panel changes.

Corporate Install

The Corporate Install package are maintained by DisplayLink. To request an installer package for your organization, please request here: http://www.displaylink.com/corporateinstall/