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Case Study: A Sound Investment

Organization: After-School All-Stars. Las Vegas, USA.

Industry: Education

About After-School All-Stars:

After-School All-Stars (ASAS) provides free comprehensive out-of-school programs to keep children safe and help them achieve in school and life. The team at ASAS take pride in providing at-risk youth groups the opportunity to participate in sports, educational, cultural and community enrichment programs; to build confidence and self-esteem; to encourage youth to say ‘no’ to gangs, drugs, and violence, and ‘yes’ to hope, learning and life.

ASAS is attached to a school with more than 1200 students and provides after-school activities like soccer, hip-hop dance, urban art, and Drumline for more than 200 children each day.

The Problem:

ASAS needed durable and reliable headphones that could be used by students during school time for online testing programs and also by the After-School groups. The team were looking for headphones that provided durability and comfort at a reasonable price.

Amanda El-Takrori, Program Manager at ASAS, explains: “This year our school district decided to change the way they do standardized testing and moved it all online. We were happy to be able to help the school out and buy the headphones for them. We needed headphones that we could rely upon for the students to use every day during the testing period. Since the new test is only available online, students need access to sound without disrupting others.”

The Solution:

The Solution:

The team at ASAS selected Kensington Hi-Fi Headphones.

Featuring a longer 9-foot audio lead, they are designed with the study and audio lab in mind.

Their padded 2.5” diameter ear cups are ideal for smaller heads while a metal reinforced, not plastic, adjustable head band ensures comfort for adults too.