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  • Implement the Standard in Security into your Devices

    Join hundreds of industry professionals by learning how to implement the slot into your device royalty-free today.

Kensington Security Slot

The Kensington Security Slot has been incorporated into thousands of devices by engineering and design teams. For 25 years designers and engineers look to incorporate the industry standard physical security features that Kensington has developed providing peace of mind for companies, professionals and consumers.

Kensington Security Slot™

The industry standard since 1992 and implemented by many of the best-known global brands, this slot can be found in a wide variety of electronic devices including laptops, desktops, printers, monitors, TVs and so many more. The slot accommodates Kensington locks featuring T-Bar™ Locking Technology.

Kensington Nano Security Slot™

Kensington Nano Security Slot™

An innovative solution to address physical security for ultra-thin devices, Kensington’s newest security slot is up to 70% smaller than the traditional slot, giving engineers more space for other components as they design the next generation of devices. The nano slot works seamlessly with our NanoSaver™ Keyed Lock featuring Cleat™ Locking Technology.

Kensington ClickSafe® Security Anchor

Designed for ease of use and higher employee compliance, the ClickSafe Anchor is mounted into the Kensington Security Slot. The ClickSafe anchor is also available in various screw-in designs, enabling the anchor to be built into any device or surface. With its symmetrical round form, it can be positioned anywhere on the device without concern for correct alignment. Providing simple, one-click security, the anchor is compatible with our ClickSafe locks.

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