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Keyed Lock Selection Guide

Not sure which lock to buy?

We offer a wide range of locks, each design to excel in a different scenario. Use our buying guide to help select the best Kensington lock for your needs.

Step 1. Identify the appropriate Master Access Solution.

Step 2. Determine the most appropriate lock family.

Step 1. What's the right keyed lock solution for you?

Does someone other than the lock holder require a key to open the lock?

Do you require a second portable lock that uses the same key as your main lock?

Does the lock owner require their own key?

Should the lock holder's key open other locks used by the holders' peers?

Master Keyed Master Access Locks

This program is recommended as a Master Key is provided that opens all locks. Each lock also has it's own individual key.

Keyed Alike Master Access Locks

We recommend this program as each lock and key is the same. All keys open all locks.

Supervisor Master Access Locks

This program provides just a single key that opens all of the locks.

Standard Keyed

This keeps it simple. One pair of keys is provided for the single lock.

Step 2. What do you want to lock?

Do you want keyless locking?

Note that a key will be required to unlock the lock.

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  • ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Locks

    Give your employees superior and effortless laptop security with the ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Lock. One-click, keyless engagement combines with premium materials and anti-theft technology to make protecting laptops easier than ever.

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