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Foot & Back Rests

Work in Comfort

Kensington has the solution to take the aches and pains out of working at your desk for extended periods of time. With our full line of ergonomic solutions for your feet, back and seat, you're less likely to suffer a repetitive stress injury or have to visit a doctor.

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  • SmartFit® Solemate™ Plus Foot Rest — Gray
    SmartFit® Solemate™ Plus Foot Rest — Gray

    Leg support at an optimal position for improved comfort.

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  • Kensington® SoleMassage Exercising Footrest
    Kensington® SoleMassage Exercising Footrest

    Pamper your tired feet.

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  • SmartFit® Conform™ Back Rest
    SmartFit® Conform™ Back Rest

    Optimize your office chair with the SmartFit Conform Back Rest from the trusted industry leader with 20 years of ergonomic expertise. Its patented back-support technology works in nearly any chair, as the SmartFit System gives you the power to customize the height of the back rest for maximum...

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  • Kensington® HalfBack® Pad
    Kensington® HalfBack® Pad

    Helps reduce strain on back.

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  • Kensington® SoleSaver Footrest
    Kensington® SoleSaver Footrest

    Adjustable footrest improves posture and comfort.

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  • SoleMate™  Comfort Footrest with SmartFit® System
    SoleMate™ Comfort Footrest with SmartFit® System

    Soothe your tired feet with luxurious memory foam pad.

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