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Tablet Productivity

Keyboard Cases - The Key to Better Productivity

Stay productive and connected both in and out of the office or the classroom with a KeyFolio™ for your tablet. With more and more professionals and students opting to replace their laptop with a tablet, our stylish KeyFolios are the answer to keep you performing and the device protected.

Improve typing speed and accuracy with the versatility of a removable Bluetooth® keyboard featuring 6 rows of tactile, scissor-style keys. No matter if you’re in business, education, or healthcare you can create and consume content without being weighed down.

We were the first company to introduce a KeyFolio for the iPad, and we continue to innovate so people can connect with tech in ways that look good, feel good, work well and make sense.

Rugged Cases & Kiosks - Built to Boost Business

iPad & Tablet Point of Sale (POS) systems are providing a wide range of new outlets for businesses. Restaurants, hotels, spas and other hospitality industries are an especially ideal environment for SecureBack M Series technology because it elevates customer service and customer engagement while also providing new opportunities for data mining.