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Universal Laptop Docking Stations

Mac OS X 10.13.4: Current Issue with DisplayLink USB Graphics Driver

With the recent Apple OS X update to 10.13.4, support for dual displays has been impacted, with no current timeline from DisplayLink or Apple to resolve. While we are monitoring this issue closely, and will provide an update as soon as possible, it is recommended that Mac user’s utilizing more than one display with DisplayLink enabled docking stations from Kensington (SD4700P, SD3650, SD3600, SD4000, and SD3500v) stay or revert back to Mac OS X version 10.13.3.

This issue only affects Mac OS X enabled devices being used with DisplayLink technology, and is not limited to Kensington docking stations. Moreover, this issue does not impact Windows users.  

For more information on this issue, please reference DisplayLink’s website via http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/macos.

Should you wish to speak to us directly, please contact us at 1-800-535-4242.