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SmartFit® Lumbar Back Rest

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SmartFit® Lumbar Back Rest



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About This Product

Meet the new shape of back comfort. The SmartFit® Lumbar Back Rest provides customised support for your back and spine to make sitting at your desk more comfortable. The unique back rest structure features Memory Foam padding to support and align your spine like no other. And with the patented SmartFit System, you can find your personal comfort color and adjust the height setting to maximize the ergonomic benefits.


  • 50% recycled content in the foam pad to be environmentally friendly.



  • UPC: 085896628231
  • Features: SmartFit™


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  • Smartfit® System

    Allows you to adjust the back rest to your ideal height setting using the color-coded fitting chart for optimal sitting comfort in two easy steps to reduce back strain

  • Memory Foam Padding

    Unique shaping supports back muscles and aligns your spine while soft memory foam conforms to your body type while dissipating heat to keep your back cool and dry when sitting for long period during the workday

  • Universal Compatibility

    Can be installed to nearly any size and style of office chair, making it more ergonomic and comfortable to sit in

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Foam padding in the back rest is made of 50% recycled content