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Put Some Style in Your Stylus

Boost your productivity and unleash your creativity. The touch tip glides smoothly on your tablet to combine comfort and control while you create art, annotate file or capture content.

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  • Virtuoso™ Stylus and Pen for Tablets

    Tablets are great fun to use—until you realize that every time you touch one to navigate or type, you’re just adding another smudge to the tablet screen. The fact is, no matter how clean your hands are they naturally emit oils. And oils and tablet screens don’t get along. Before you know it,...

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  • Presentair™ Bluetooth® Presenter with Red Laser & Stylus
    Presentair™ Bluetooth® Presenter with Red Laser & Stylus

    Present, point and annotate like a professional with the Presentair™, which is designed into a sleek, comfortable pen shape. An intuitive button layout controls PowerPoint® and Keynote® slides on Windows® and Mac OS® devices from up to 30 feet away. The red laser pointer can highlight aspects of...

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  • Virtuoso™ Mini Collapsible Stylus & Stand
    Virtuoso™ Mini Collapsible Stylus & Stand

    Creating art, annotating files or capturing content on the go has never been easier. The Virtuoso™ Mini Collapsible Stylus can expand and contract in size, and dock conveniently to your iPhone® or iPad®, so you never worry about losing your stylus again. Navigating apps such as SketchBook,...

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