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Proximo™ Bundle - Bluetooth® Tracker Fob and Tag

Make your iPhone®, keys and valuables unforgettable - Online Exclusive

Proximo™ Bundle - Bluetooth® Tracker Fob and Tag


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Full Price: $320.00 Bundle Saving: $120.00 $200.00

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About This Product

Keep: Simply download Proximo App from App Store onto your iPhone and attach the fob to your keys. Now, the moment you move a set distance away from your iPhone, Proximo’s Key Fob will alert you with a customizable alarm, making it all but impossible to lose your iPhone.

Track: Tired of misplacing your keys? With Proximo, you’ll use your iPhone to track your keys, so you’ll never lose them again. And once you have the Proximo Starter Kit, you can buy additional tags to keep track of up to 4 important items, like your camera, laptop bag, car, and much more. Each tag can be personalized with its own unique sound and photo.

Get Back: Can’t find an important item? The Proximo App will automatically drop a pin on a Google map to show you where you had it last. As you move within range of a misplaced item, the proximity meter on your iPhone will work like a Geiger counter to help you hone in on its location, while the item’s tag emits its unique tone. No more stressing over losing important items or wasting time searching for them. Let Proximo help you recover your lost iPhone, keys and more.


  • Proximo Starter Kit includes everything you need to track your iPhone, keys, and one additional valuable
  • Proximo App Dashboard tracks up to 5 valuable items via FOB and/or TAGs (additional tags sold separately)
  • Proximity Alarm with customizable range and audio alert tells you when you’ve left your valuable behind
  • One-Touch Find Alert on FOB helps you find your iPhone
  • Find Alert helps you with on-the fly recovery of your valuables
  • Last Seen provides you with pin-drop on map to help you recover your items
  • Up to 6-month battery life on FOB & TAG for low maintenance
  • Personalize your FOB and TAG with customizable alarm tones, images and names
  • Robust and ultra-slim 8mm FOB and TAG design
  • Monitor the battery life of all your TAGs and FOBs from your iPhone



  • UPC: 5028252494311


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