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SmartFit™ Easy Riser™ kylställ laptop

SmartFit™ Easy Riser™ kylställ laptop



Kensingtons Easy Riser™ lyfter upp din laptop för att främja luftflödet, vilket minskar belastningen på datorns batteri och kretsar. Stället lyfter också skärmen för att öka din komfort.




  • UPC: 5028252149365

Vikter och mått

  • Höjd: 273 / 10,7"
  • Bredd: 35 / 1,4"
  • Längd: 295 / 11,6"
  • Vikt: -

  • SmartFit® System

    Allows you to dial in your ideal height setting using the color-coded fitting chart, with up to a 50-degree tilt angle so you can make a fast adjustment in two easy steps

  • Secure Fit

    Padded inserts provide non-slip stability for any 12”-17” laptop, keeping it firmly and safely in place while you work

  • Increased Air Circulation

    By lifting laptop off the desktop, it dissipates heat buildup and keeps the laptop cooler, easing the strain on the battery and internal components

  • Highly Portable

    Designed to quickly and easily fold flat so it saves space in your bag when you’re traveling on long or short trips