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N17 Combination Lock for Dell® Laptops

Keyless Security for Dell Laptops and Tablets

N17 Combination Lock for Dell® Laptops



Сведения о продукте

From the industry leader in physical device security for 25 years, Kensington has developed the strongest locking solution to secure Dell laptops and tablets that have a Wedge lock slot. The N17 Combination Laptop Lock features a unique lock engagement, creating a strong and reliable connection between the lock head and slot. The resettable 4-wheel number code can be set to any of 10,000 possible combinations. A carbon steel cable deters cutting attempts.


  • Tough lock head that fits seamlessly into Dell laptops and tablets with the Wedge lock slot
  • Unique lock engagement creates the strongest connection between the lock head and slot
  • Resettable 4-wheel number code with 10,000 possible combinations
  • Carbon steel cable is cut-resistant and anchors to desk, table or any fixed structure
  • Push-button design for one-handed engagement to easily attach lock
  • Independently verified and tested for industry-leading standards in torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, key strength and other environmental conditions
  • Register & Retrieve™ program allows you to look up forgotten combination codes



  • UPC: 085896644422


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Поддержка продукта
  • Tough Lock Head

    Tough Lock Head

    Designed for Dell laptops and tablets with a Wedge lock slot, it meets Kensington’s industry-leading testing standards for tamper-resistance, reliability and durability.

  • Unique Lock Engagement

    Expanding side “hooks” grab on to the internal sides of the Wedge lock slot, creating a strong connection between the device frame and the lock to resist and deter theft attempts

    Unique Lock Engagement
  • Keyless, Resettable 4-Number Combination

    Keyless, Resettable 4-Number Combination

    The lock offers 10,000 different combination codes that can be selected by the user so it’s personalized and more easily remembered

  • Carbon Steel Cable

    Offering the same level of cut-resistance and theft-resistance as thicker cables, the carbon steel cable with plastic sheath offers security and greater mobility with 6 feet of cable.

    Carbon Steel Cable
  • Push-Button Design

    Push-Button Design

    Allows for one-handed engagement into the device, quickly and easily attaching the lock inside the Wedge lock slot

  • Verified & Tested

    Engineered to Kensington’s rigorous specifications and third-party standards in torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, key strength and other environmental conditions.

    Verified & Tested
  • Register & Retrieve™

    Register & Retrieve™

    Kensington’s online code registration program that allows for quick, secure and easy combination lookup if it is ever forgotten