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Ergonomics Made Simple: SmartFit Sit/Stand Workstation

A desktop monitor attached to a monitor arm

Sitting all day can be a bad idea. In spite of evidence suggesting links to changes in metabolism, back pain and muscle strain, it’s a problem that’s easily overlooked. For a long time, ergonomics experts have advised people against spending the majority of their working day sat a desk, instead recommending they stand for at least a few minutes every half hour. Of all the workplace trends to have addressed this problem, standing desks have been the most popular and successful.

The last few years has seen a big increase in the number of standing workstations coming onto the market. From innovative DIY solutions such as the treadmill desk to fully adjustable sit/stand workstations, there are now a lot of different options. Kensington’s SmartFit Sit/Stand Workstation has been designed to provide a flexible and simple way to enjoy the ergonomic advantages of a standing desk. Here’s a quick overview of the main benefits.

SmartFit Sit/Stand Workstation


The SmartFit workstation lets you convert a traditional desk into a standing one quickly and with minimal hassle. It comes with a secure, reinforced mounting clamp that attaches to your current desk without any tools. Once attached, four pivot points allow the workstation to be raised or lowered and swiveled into position.  Monitors can be attached via the VESA mount, while the keyboard tray has space to accommodate a mouse and other input devices.

Customized for Comfort

A common problem with standing desks is the need to adjust screen height and keyboard position, since if your monitor and mouse are wrongly adjusted, there’s a risk of neck flexion and carpal tunnel syndrome. To overcome this problem, Kensington has designed the SmartFit system, which allows users to select their own personal comfort setting using a color-coded chart that identifies the best height for their workstation.  There’s also a pneumatic lift, similar to those used for office chairs, which makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing positions.


Desk and cable clutter is an issue whether you’re using a sitting or a standing workstation. Common solutions for sitting desks include cable tidy units and organizers, but these do not always work well for standing desks with separate mouse and keyboard platforms. The SmartFit workstation neatly organizes your cables to leave your desktop clutter-free. Similarly, another benefit of having separate platforms for your keyboard is that it frees up space elsewhere.


Treadmill desks and telescopic sit/stand workstations can involve a significant investment, making it difficult to deploy them widely across a business. In general, the cost of ergonomic workstations can deter businesses from making the switch, even if they would like to give employees the option. The SmartFit workstation is the ideal middle way, adaptable and affordable enough to be deployed across an organization without significant upheaval or additional investment.