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Discover and Test a Custom-Tailored Docking Solution with Kensington’s ProConcierge Program

As laptop computers shrink and peripherals multiply, a docking station is a lifesaver that connects devices together and gives employees a more productive workspace. When you set out to buy docking stations for your organization, there’s a lot to consider. Do you need Thunderbolt 3? USB-C? USB-A? 4K? integrated power? Does your organization have a mix of laptop brands to consider?  Choose correctly, and the docking station seamlessly links every element of your employees’ desk environment. Pick the wrong dock, and you’ve got a jumble of disconnected or incompatible devices and unhappy customers. Fortunately, Kensington has developed a groundbreaking service to take the guesswork out of finding the right dock for your organization. The new Kensington ProConcierge program makes it a snap for businesses to try out the perfect docking station for their environment, with no obligation to buy.

Describe Your Desk Environment

To get started with the ProConcierge program, you’ll register by describing your business. Once qualified for the program, we’ll ask you some additional questions about the technology your organization currently uses so that we can tailor a docking station sample for your unique needs. Knowing what kind of monitors and computers you’re looking to connect—as well as what’s important to your employees in a desk environment—will allow us to identify the perfect docking solution for your situation.

Test Out Your Customized Dock

Next, you will receive a package welcoming you to the ProConcierge program. Inside the package, you’ll find your sample docking station (which is yours to keep), and all applicable cabling necessary for your ideal desk configuration, so you don’t have to go hunting for cables and adapters to set it up. To simplify things even further, the package includes a wire setup diagram with step-by-step instructions on how to connect your custom-tailored docking solution. Every part of the package is designed to make the setup and testing experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Kensington is Here to Help

Once you receive your sample, Kensington provides resources to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or issues, you’ll have special access to a dedicated Sales Engineer who’s always a phone call or email away. Onsite support is also available when needed. For those that qualify for the ProConcierge program, Kensington will reach out with periodic surveys to ensure you’re having an excellent experience with your docking solution. If you love it right from the start, fantastic! If something’s not perfect, we want to know about it, so we can make it right. The ProConcierge program provides every resource to make sure your dock works flawlessly in your environment.

Kensington’s ProConcierge program is a game changer in the increasingly complicated world of docking. The goal isn’t just to sell you a well-designed and rigorously tested product, but to help you find and test the perfect solution to fit your specific situation. Kensington’s ProConcierge program goes the extra mile to find out about your business’s unique needs, customize a solution and setup materials for you, and follows up with resources to ensure a stellar experience.

Learn more information about this innovative program

NOTE: At this time, the Kensington ProConcierge program is only available in the U.S.