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SmartFit™ ワークステーション エルゴノミクス

One size doesn't fit all.

SmartFit™ demystifies ergonomics for individuals making it easy to install and customise their workspace accessories to their ergonomic comfort requirements.

SmartFit™ was developed using US Army research that found a direct correlation between the size of hand and body measurements.

Every SmartFit™ product includes a hand chart in the box. This indicates the specific SmartFit™ colour setting that will deliver optimum ergonomic comfort for the user.


Step 1. Measure

With every SmartFit™ product, you will receive a hand chart in the box.

This hand chart will assist you in finding your specific SmartFit™ colour and customize your fit.

How do you Measure?

With your right wrist on the baseline of the hand chart, lay your entire hand over the diagram. The tip of your middle finger will point to your SmartFit™ color.