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Kensington® SD4900P Tool BCD Device Update tool

Kensington P/N: K36800NA SD4900P USB-C and USB-A 10Gbps Triple 4K Hybrid Dock - 60W PD - DP & HDMI - Windows/macOS/Chrome.

Issue Statement: Total of 8500 docks have been impacted with a BCD ID mismatch. K36800NA SKUs made starting from 2022/week 25 > A2225B004001 until 2023/week 1 > A2301B004700. If you are experiencing a yellow bang on the network controller and wired network through the dock is unusable, we recommend upgrading the dock as detailed below


Affected S/N ranges











If your computer has an Ethernet port, check model name of Ethernet controller by Device Manager before dock connects computer. Don’t use the laptop with Realtek 8153 Ethernet controller for BCD update.



Step 1

First, download the Firmware Upgrade Tool to your computer.

Download Firmware Upgrade Tool



Step 2

Execute KST_BCDUpdate_UI.exe

Step 2 - KST_BCDUpdate_UI.exe.jpg



Step 3

With the dock connected to the host, the tool will read the ID on the dock and a window will display the current bcdDevice ID (Dock BCD Id) and the new bcdDevice ID (New BCD Id) which will be updated.

Step 3 - Downloading update.jpg



Step 4

Click on “Upgrade Now” to execute ID update.

Step 4 - Upgrade Now.jpg



Step 5

The current bcdDevice ID (Dock BCD Id) will be updated to 3102.

Step 5 - bcdDevice ID (Dock BCD Id) updated to 3102.jpg




Laptops with built-in Realtek 8153B network cards cannot be used. If there are other models of Realtek network cards, Disabling/uninstalling the network controller is recommended.

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