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Best Laptop Backpacks for Remote Workers

Worker working with a Kensington Laptop Backpack

Since 2005, working from home and remote locations has grown 159%. If you are part of the increasing number of remote workers, you need portable solutions to safely transport your office equipment when you are on the move. In this case, you know that a standard briefcase will not make the cut to comfortably carry your work items. In fact, most standard briefcases aren't even adequate. What you need is a laptop backpack. 

Laptop backpacks are designed specifically as a place to store those essential items and transport them to wherever you need them to be on a workday, home or office or anywhere between. Security features are essential. Extra compartments are a must. 

What else do you think your perfect bag should feature? Here are some tips for finding the best laptop backpack for today's remote and hybrid workers.

Tips for Getting the Best Laptop Backpack for You

Do you remember picking out a backpack for the first day of school? You probably prioritized how it looked and not how practical it was.

In college, you learned function mattered more than fashion. You probably bought the cheapest bag you could find to fit all your books and your laptop (if you were lucky).

Today, as a business professional, you know it's worth the investment in a laptop backpack that is stylish, comfortable, and secure.

Every backpack has a set of prerequisites that determine whether it is a good bag or one that will go unused, tucked away in the bottom of your closet. Backpacks must:

  • Protect all your devices
  • Keep contents secure
  • Fit comfortably
  • Carry everything you need (conveniently)
  • Keep you organized
  • Be easy to carry
  • Balance weight
  • Be stylish

Other essential elements to consider include quality, the number of compartments inside, internal space, overall size and durability. Make sure your laptop bag comes with a warranty. Even the highest quality bag could have flaws. 

To get the right laptop backpack, you'll need to know exactly what to look for in a laptop bag to meet your precise needs. What size laptop will you be carrying? Do you also need space for portable monitors? A wireless keyboard or mouse? 

Or perhaps you carry more paperwork than electronics. Whatever your requirements, look for a bag that prioritizes all your work essentials.

Top 4 Backpacks for Laptops

Globally, employees on business trips account for 75% of travelers. Laptop backpacks are compact but hold a surprising amount of tech gear, office supplies, and file folders (crammed with paper). 

In the U.S., over half (66%) of employees work remotely at least part-time. If you are one of these remote workers, you want a laptop bag that will keep you organized while also keeping everything conveniently within reach.

Whichever category you fall into, Kensington has a long line of laptop bags, backpacks, and cases that are perfect for anyone working outside the office.

1. Kensington’s Laptop Case for 15.6” Laptop   

If your priority is the security of your equipment but you still want to look stylish, consider the Kensington SecureTrek™ 15.6” Laptop Case. Simply set the four-hammerhead zipper pulls into the SecureTrek™ lock base and latch the stainless-steel door. 

Whether you travel for work or follow a hybrid or remote work model, this laptop backpack provides the convenience and security to transport your remote work essentials with you. This case has enough space to comfortably fit your devices with enhanced protection to reduce the chances of damage.

Product Highlights

  • SecureTrek™ lock base
  • Anti-puncture zipper
  • 10 year limited warranty

Kensington SecureTrek 15.6 inch Laptop Case

2. Kensington’s Backpack for 17” Laptop

If comfort is what you need from a laptop backpack, get one that will take care of your equipment and your back. Kensington's Contour™ 2.0 Pro Laptop Backpack for 17” laptops, the best travel backpack available, is the backpack travel experts recommend. 

Kensington designs their Contour™ 2.0 series of products (backpacks, roller bags, and laptop shoulder bags) to hug your body. It creates the perfect fit, improves posture and promotes ergonomic movements.

When you place both straps on your shoulders, the weight of the bag's contents shifts to your center of gravity. And with the padded handle, carrying this backpack is made easier and even more comfortable.

Product Highlights

  • Ergonomist-Approved Design
  • Durable, water-resistant material
  • RFID security pocket protects credit cards

Kensington Laptop Backpack for 17 inches devices

3. Kensington’s Laptop Roller Bag

Traveling light doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice safety, comfort, or style. Get the Kensington® SecureTrek™ 17” Laptop Overnight Roller and be the best-looking traveler. This roller bag meets the 3 "s" - smart, safe, simple.

Two of the many outstanding features of this laptop roller bag are the extra space to store clothing, files and other personal items when you’re traveling, and the remarkable added level of security with the SecureTrek™ lock base and anti-puncture zipper with hammerhead pulls. They are durable and tamper-resistant.

Bring your Kensington Portable Laptop Lock and secure your bag (and its contents) to any fixed object. Planning to check in your bag? Add a TSA-approved lock to your backpack using the SecureTrek™ lock base. 

Product Highlights

  • SecureTrek™ lock base
  • Smooth rolling experience
  • Ample space
  • Carry-on compliant

Kensington Laptop Roller Bag SecureTrek for 17 inches devices

4. Kensington’s Laptop Sleeve for 14” Laptop

Sometimes all you need is a sleek alternative to carrying an entire backpack. Try the Kensington sleeve for 14” laptops made from recycled materials if you’re more into eco-friendly options.

In 2021 (the year Kensington first launched the 14” laptop sleeve), 9,418 recycled bottles were used to make them, keeping waste from making it into oceans and landfills.

Product Highlights

  • Made from recycled water bottles
  • Fleece-lined interior that keeps your device protected
  • Water-repellent material and high-quality zippers

14 inches Kensington Eco-Friendly Laptop Sleeve

Where Remote Workers Find the Best Laptop Backpacks

Kensington has a vast collection of bags, sleeves, and backpacks to meet the needs of today’s business professionals and protect your traveling office. Security and privacy meet style and comfort with our line of eco-friendly, ergonomic, and space-saving laptop bags.

When you get a laptop case from Kensington, you not only get style and functionality, but you also get comfort and security. They are perfect for remote workers, digital nomads, and those who bring their laptops to and from the office every day.

Check out our collection of laptop backpacks, perfect for remote and hybrid workers.